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  1. Equipment Safety Recall 29A – Frame Stud Campaign for 2-Door JL (Body Style JL72)

    So I just finished this. I went under the jeep to see if I had the stud of death. My frame sticker wasn't like the one in the letter, so I guessed I had the stud. When looking for the stud, its impossible to see unless you have the front of the gas tank skid plate off. Taking off the front of...
  2. Looking for pics of 2 door on 37's or larger with 17" wheels

    Its RK 2.5 inch adventure series, the older one you have grease. Gives me an excuse to get under the jeep every 6 mos, so all good. So many places to eat around here it's hard to go wrong.
  3. Looking for pics of 2 door on 37's or larger with 17" wheels

    Yeah, they're pretty proud of it ?. Back on topic, I think 37s on a 2dr is the jeep sweet spot.
  4. Looking for pics of 2 door on 37's or larger with 17" wheels

    Oops, wrong forum (just playing, saw it at the local ford dealer. Used and 92k ?, but 2drs and 37s ?)
  5. When to upgrade ball joints with 37s?

    So I just completed my dynatrac ball joint install. 12k total miles, 7k on 37s. No death wobble but a slight shimmy around 50mph that balancing and rotating couldn't fix. Suspension was all tight and I have rusty's track bar brace with a rk track bar. Turns out my lower passenger ball joint...
  6. Smartstopstart thingy

    Had mine for 3 years now. Works as advertised, never a hiccup. Makes the start/stop button "sticky" so it stays in the last position you put it in. I don't even remove it if it goes to the dealer.
  7. Added Bass Shakers to Driver and Passenger Seat

    I love mine. Definitely simulates the feel of a larger sub. I can feel the bass without annoying everyone else at the stoplight and they work perfect with the soft top. I don't understand why they aren't more popular.
  8. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    Mine creaked until I greased them, even though RK said they were greased from factory, grease them again. I grease mine until grease squirts out from the joint. Makes a heck of a mess, but never heard a creak again and now I don't worry about spraying them with WD40.
  9. Front drive shaft vibration

    Acceleration and deceleration will change your pinion angle slightly (unless your upper or lower arms are loose, which would cause even more movement). I think accelerating and decelerating could be causing a 1 to 3 degree shift in your pinion angle. Maybe just enough to throw a vibration...
  10. Four wheel parts forgot to put in differential fluid

    Wouldn't you be able to tell if those gears were never exposed to oil? I mean if they're bone dry, no oil was ever added. Even if it all leaked out, there would still be oil residue all over the place.
  11. It pays to watch Craigslist

    Hey, I know her, my buddy dated her. He was always trying to get hair out of his mouth :giggle:
  12. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR Build

    Love my analogs. Even got flagged down at a stoplight and asked about them. I bought mine before the price went crazy.
  13. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    A 2dr on 37s just hits the sweet spot ?
  14. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    like never. ever. ever. I'm gonna keep waving at them though, just in case it irritates them :angel:
  15. Comeup Winches

    At 27 min he talks about the motor seizing. But to the winches credit he worked it really hard and it saved his butt. He also expressed, like you echoed, it seizes when he doesn't use it or respool it for awhile. When it gets regular exercise, it doesn't seem to seize. I hope you have good...
  16. Comeup Winches

    Doesn't he also have to hit it with a hammer to start it moving?
  17. Love the look of this new Rugged Ridge Venator bumper

    I did not, but I kinda wanted to to but didn't find anything I thought "matched" the styling of the venator. Plus, imo, the rear stock plastic and metal bumpers aren't bad looking.
  18. Washington (Price Drop) 35x10.5r17 Tires (x5) SSR Radial Mud Tires

    free bump, I love these tires and had some on a Defender 90 once. They turned that thing into an absolute snowmobile. No snow stopped it. (pic is before the switch to the SSRs)