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  1. NEW Inner Fenders from Grimm Offroad!

    will these work with stock Rubicon fenders? or will i need a fender chop or aftermarket fenders? i like these because they don't have giant brand logo laser cut in them. ;) will wait for the rears though.
  2. COMING SOON: Integrated Roof LED Light Bar for Jeep Wrangler JL!

    never recommend a step drill. step drills are for hacks and stereo installers (worse than hacks). use the correct tool.
  3. Any tips on determining the best local dealer or mechanic that can be trusted for Jeep work expertise?

    google search result #1: https://www.wranglerforum.com/threads/code-p06dd.470425/
  4. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    waiting to buy a new pair. both of mine crapped out after 2 years. 1 turn signal intermittently stopped working and then both brake lights failed.
  5. Steel steering gear

    had mine replaced under extended warranty. i think it got worse.
  6. Terrible experience with 4WheelParts.com

    i've heard they're the Harbor Freight of the off-road world. that's kind of insulting to HF.
  7. Overwhelmed trying to find a winch/bumper...

    one 'just take my money' option is a Warn winch on a Warn bumper, no winch plate required.
  8. Simple cargo cover for '24 Rubicon with Sky One Touch?

    i don't have a Sky roof, could you explain what you mean by you can't secure them to the windows? i'm running this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BL75SK74 it just attaches to the roof mount holes behind the rear seat, and a couple clips you install on the rear door surround. works...
  9. Help with tires!

    if you bought your Wrangler new in Quebecistan, and they require specific tires for winter use, then you probly already have them. ??‍♂️
  10. Push Start/Stop Button Kill Switch Install

    if you don't have the lockers/AUX switch panel you could install that and use one (or more) of the buttons for your secret kill switch. factory look and no one would think those are kill switches.
  11. KBD fenders with the new AAL inner fenders

    i doubt it. it's all about the logos. can't buy a damned thing without some giant logo laser cut out of it. just spray paint it.
  12. Dealer “Diagnostic Fee”?

    Old Jeeper said: ok, total respect for your time and experience, but come on man that's not the "codes" we're talking about and you know it. you said yourself "ECM sends you a code...". an audible clue to a failure mode is not a "code", no one calls it a code. btw... IAM 751. 27 years (so...
  13. Dealer “Diagnostic Fee”?

    it's even worse when you are a combined dealership. we were a VW and Subaru dealer in one building. when VW made us redesign our building (and kick Subaru out) we had to buy out the used car dealer next door, tear down the building and build a new Subaru-look building. then after the subaru...
  14. Dealer “Diagnostic Fee”?

    and what is the code for the OP's front wheel bearing? i'm waiting...
  15. Warrior Products tail lights

    they should have had an "open mind" seven years ago. they look like something someone put together in shop class after rummaging thru a parts bin. :no:
  16. Need help! Looking for a JLU rear cargo shelf that sits up high just below the roof

    any update? looks like a nice spot for an out-of-sight rifle.
  17. Interesting updated dash

    a co-worker has the Carobotor JK cluster. he loves it.
  18. New Tire Suggestions?

    those look fairly pavement friendly as well.