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  1. My heart stopped for a second......

    Cool info, makes sense. Why do you think the dash gauge shows normal but off-road pages does not? I works guess it's the same sensor, and maybe there is some logic to use the last recorded value before voltage goes to zero? Seems like whatever they are doing for the dash, they should copy...
  2. XR Package Rear Cargo Carrier/ Issues?

    You should consider a bumper tire carrier, to put the weight on the frame instead of the tail gate hinges. Then you can mount all kinds of accessories. If you don't, you will probably see tail gate sag really soon. I'm using the lod tire carrier. I have the cargo attachment, as well as fuel can...
  3. 2024 Grab Handles

    Sorry, but I am still confused. The answer is not here. I'll ask again more clearly - The photo on the mopar sites does NOT MATCH what the user posted on page 2 with this thread. The user posted the grab handles installed, and they don't look like the photos on the mopar sites. So, my...
  4. 2024 Grab Handles

    Looks like: 82219174AA (from the screenshot posted from the other user) Here is a link: https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/82219166aa.html What is strange to me is the picture in the link above is not the same as the picture the other user posted after they are installed. Maybe they are...
  5. Next Venture or LOD Rear Bumper

    I can't compare the two, but I do have the LOD rear bumper with tire carrier. I installed my self, with the help of my brother. Install was fine, bumper is perfect fit, very happy with it. Sensors didn't work perfectly at first, but they do now after a bit of playing with it. I choose this one...
  6. 456 vs 488 Questions

    The Rubicon X with 35 inch tire package comes with 4:56 with option to go to 4:88 They do not come default with 4:88, you must select that option. Otherwise, it will have 4:56 by default.
  7. Lift Kits and Shocks - MetalCloak GC vs Clayton Offroad

    Thanks for the info! Question for you - what would be the solution with MetalCloak to solve my extra weight in the back to avoid the sag/rake? Do you have stiffer springs I could put in the back by chance? Or do I need to solve that with a spacer? Thanks again!
  8. Lift Kits and Shocks - MetalCloak GC vs Clayton Offroad

    I am working on research for lift kit and shocks for my 2024 Rubicon X with 35 inch tire package. I have had my 2024 Rubicon X with 35 inch tire package for about 9 months now. I've wheeled Moab and much of Arizona in that time. My stock Jeep, with the 35 inch tire package has been pretty damn...
  9. Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Very nice! What tool did you use? I want to do this exact same thing. I already have the mount installed, just need to modify the panel in a clean way
  10. Weird GMRS -Apple CarPlay issue noticed.

    Very interesting. Any other music apps effected other than Apple music? Navigation apps? You mention it is like the phone is disconnected. Does car play totally disconnect from the Jeep? If so, does it auto connect back? You say only channel 15. What about with a privacy code? This is very...
  11. Arizona Sold: 2024 JL Mopar Rear Steel Bumper - $200

    I have a stock Mopar Rear Steel Bumper that came with my 2024 Rubicon X. I replaced the bumper with an aftermarket one at around 2500 miles. No damage, great condition. Location is Payson, AZ. Must pickup. $200 bucks - new, they are 1000. Optional trailer hitch if you want it - add 50 bucks...
  12. Mopar Vehicle Protection? Alternative Warranty Plan?

    I bought one for my 2024 from Granger. It cost me 1700. If nothing happens, and I spent for nothing, ok, no problem. If it fixes one major issue that costs over 1700, win.
  13. Moved to Overland Setup, Mopar 2 Lift Squatting

    Do you off-road with them installed? Rock crawling? I thought I heard the air bags are great, unless you off-road and rock crawl. I thought they were more for trailers and basic Overlanding. But maybe I'm wrong
  14. Moved to Overland Setup, Mopar 2 Lift Squatting

    I'm in a similar situation and looking for a solution. I have a stock 2024 with 35 inch tire package, steel bumpers, etc. I didn't add a roof top tent, but I did add a LOD destroyer bumper tire carrier, fuel cans, rack, and built my own raised sleeping platform in the back, with drawers under...
  15. 2H to 4H too hard to shift

    My 24 glides nicely. Try a very slow roll and then shift. It's shift on the fly, up to 35 mph I think.
  16. XR Lift to gain lost uptravel

    I'm kinda in the same spot, but in the rear. I installed lod destroyer bumper with tire carrier and other accessories, like fuel cans. Then I built a box to store all my stuff and have an elevated sleeping platform. Now the back of my Jeep is squatting. It's about two inches lower than front...
  17. Media port power schedule (Time out/ off)

    That's pretty cool! What brand is that? I just ran a big bundle of wires to the back of my Jeep, to connect an auxiliary battery with redarc dc to dc charger, fridge, arb compressor, all using the American adventure Labs cubby Mount and arb relocation kit. I ran 3ga power, and two 10ga for...
  18. Media port power schedule (Time out/ off)

    On another note, if you have the aux switches, there is a bundle of cables under the glove box. This contains the 4 wires for the aux switches, but it also contains a power wire connected to ignition and a power wire that is always on. You could tap into this as well
  19. Media port power schedule (Time out/ off)

    As for your knee hitting the cigarette lighter plug, I had this issue, and I found a flush mount adapter on amazon and then a 90 degree USB cord and I no longer have an issue with my knee hitting the thing. It's clean and out of the way.