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  1. I guess I'm starting over (Jeep fire after overheating)

    That picture doesn’t look cool to me at all, it’s terrible. Plus no more Ocean Blue either so truly irreplaceable…
  2. Mud flaps vs. side steps for rocks protection?

    Here’s my “after” test picture when I first did the mudflaps. Just a little mud splashed up on the rear fender and as I recall the “before” picture ( I can’t find) had dirt in an arc up the door etc. I don’t get anything kicked up on the side with the step & mudflap. Standard mopar step like...
  3. Mud flaps vs. side steps for rocks protection?

    I have a 2 door & I got mud flaps (front only) first. Then with my people bugging me to get side steps for them, I got those too. Mudflaps weren’t in the way so I just left them on. So no reason you can’t have both if you can’t decide.
  4. Someone's Got The Jeep Bug! BAD!

    What do you suppose happened if they tried to trade their Camero for a Willys…?
  5. Can someone explain why?

    They like cats?
  6. What info you like showing in your upper left and right instrument panel?

    Top Left: Is the Time it was about 5 minutes ago; Top Right: Range
  7. help with warning light; I have a warning light on..justabove my fuel guage. its an A inside a crcle with an exclamation mark.

    Aux battery could be bad as it often indicates, but it could also be indicating that some other sensor or function the ESS process relies on is going bad. In my case, it was the clutch interlock switch, and while I too thought as everyone does, I don't care that the @! is on, I don't like/use...
  8. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    Yesterday (Feb. 22!) near the IL/Wisconsin border...today its snowing...
  9. Jeep Stolen in Downtown Montreal

    Speaking of Chicago, how awful would this be to have your Jeep used in a murder…
  10. We want to hear from you!

    I would like to be able to get a Base Sport with a shovel and an axe mounted under the driver's side door on the outside. So if you can redesign that area to have a shorter door to make room for the shovel & axe, and have them come in matching colors to the body, that'd be great.
  11. We want to hear from you!

    How about making a right front fender liner with an access panel for the auxilliary battery? Its a wear & tear replaceable part with no way to access it without removing a tire and busting off the fender, how does that make any sense? Change the auxiliary battery the EASY WAY! Jeep Gladiator &...
  12. Does anyone here have a base Sport manual JL that is still completely stock, with no intention to upgrade?

    Requires zero knowledge of anything, easiest thing in the world to do. If you get the Mopar OEM it's just lining up the holes and screwing in the bolts .
  13. Does anyone here have a base Sport manual JL that is still completely stock, with no intention to upgrade?

    Yeah, that's what I have. Base Sport 2-door ordered with LSD, Tow and A/C. I put side steps on it for my wife to get in easier. Manual V6, crank windows. Didn't even get pigment in the paint. Would love to get half doors but won't be doing any other modifications.
  14. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    It’s still an exploding clutch only it will have “escalating visual and audible warnings to the operator…when clutch assembly temperatures rise to a level that may damage the inner pressure plate.” So it will still explode we’ll just have flashing lights and sirens going off before it does. Any...
  15. Another ESS issue: ESS Disables Cruise Control

    I looked back at the invoice, mine was at 13,000 miles. However, I have 42,000 miles now with no other problems with it.
  16. Do these venture into Angry Eyez territory?

    Second one is definitely for nearsighted Jeeps…
  17. broken plastic clips for cargo tub lid

    I did the same to mine early on & my dealer was nice enough to replace it as a warranty claim. The piece is called a Rear Cargo Hook. That might be the part number. I have a 2019 2Dr Sport.
  18. Is this Normal for the door handles?

    Does tightening that T-20 screw pull the handle tighter against the door? Mine pulls away from the door quite a bit & exposes the hole pretty much. Or do you have to take the door panel off to get behind there to tighten a bolt?