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  1. Awning on Mopar crossbars?

    anyone know of a side or 270° awning that mounts to the Mopar cross-bars?
  2. bat wing awning mounted on jeep aero bars?

    anyone know if or how a bat wing awning (any awning really) can be mounted on the factory Jeep (Thule) aero bars?
  3. GPCA cargo cover mod

    saw a couple other threads but thought i'd try something different. we know they sag at the back end and it's annoying. no adjusting gets rid of it. i zip tied a plastic tube to the hem, but it still hangs down and rolls out from under the hem, and bunches up when you close the door...
  4. anyone know these wheels?

    anyone know these wheels? pic is from a TrailBuilt Offroad youtube video, but they're not theirs.
  5. MOLLE seat back accessory?

    the MOLLE seat backs have these 4 tabs, is there or was there an accessory that attached to these? it seems like something should slide onto the bottoms ones then snap into the top ones. if not, what are they for?
  6. Any Uconnect hacks?

    Anyone ever come across any ucoccect hacks, like different screen themes or nav voices? I love when I rent a car in the UK and that sexy British woman talks to me :)
  7. more posts per page setting?

    is there a setting i can't find to get more than 15 posts per page, or 25 threads per page when searching for new posts?
  8. winch mount bolt pattern?

    do all winches have the same bolt pattern, or do you use an adapter plate? if i buy a Smittybilt bumper, do i have to use a Smittybilt winch?
  9. a couple of paint questions...

    1. does jeep allow custom ordering of any jeep/chrysler colors (by code) that are not in the build guide? 2. do the painted hardtop and fenders have to match the body color? say you wanted to go crazy and have a red top, white body and blue fenders, could you do that?