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  1. 2024: Anyone who ordered the factory warn winch.

    On my totaled 21, I had the Warn isolator kit. On the 23, It’s direct wire as I been a little lazy. Rolling the dice and I would prefer not to limp away again anyways…
  2. 2024: Anyone who ordered the factory warn winch.

    I imagine you can look at the Power Wagon to see if it’s direct wire or has an isolator... I imagine it’s direct wire.
  3. 2 Door on Highway

    Do the speed limit, it’s very comfortable and relaxed. Have to stop for fuel often, small tank.
  4. OEM Interior vs. Katzkin color

    Back when I was an authorized installer, I had leather samples from them with every color. I would suggest reaching out to a installer. Not to highjack the thread, but the quality is good and the airbags will still work as designed.
  5. New Interior Colors please

    It’s the only option for the 392.
  6. New Interior Colors please

    I’m so glad I went with saddle brown and would order again. Hopefully they offer it again in 2026/7.
  7. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Thanks, ordered.
  8. Bubbling paint on 2020 wrangler unlmtd

    Almost 200 pages in this thread. Yes, it’s a common problem.
  9. Best Way to Dry the Interior?

    My Jeep got rained on pretty good with the doors and top off today. I took the long way home and let it dry out. Hour later it was pretty dry and I didn’t wipe up anything except for the cup holders. I’ll let it sit out in the sun tomorrow, hopefully it doesn’t rain again… I have leather seats...
  10. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Has anyone found any touch up paint that matches pretty well? I scratched the inside of my door jam when putting my doors back on and would like to touch it up.
  11. ICON 2.5" lift stage 4 too harsh

    This lift is really designed around a 4 door and putting it on a lighter 2 door will be a little more harsh and gain way more then 2.5” of lift. I have the Stage 7 on my 23 2 door, but wouldn’t say it’s rough in my opinion. The downside with this kit and your Stage 4, is the front lower control...
  12. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Stripped her down.
  13. Firearm and knife collectors

    Finally got around to organizing most of my title 1 firearms. Wall organizer by Gallowtech, I like it so far.
  14. Soft Top or SOT?

    If I was going 4 door, I would go SOT for if I could afford it. If they offered it on the 2 door, I would have opted for it.
  15. Tiny homes

    I always been interested in these but zoning pretty much cancels out all ideal locations and I don’t want to live near trailer park people.
  16. 2024 Jeep Wrangler Reviews Are Here!! ?️

    I believe it is. At least the interior is, there’s spy shots online. I’m really debating swapping the 23 for one. I would also get a Rubicon X.