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  1. Incentives through the build and price tool

    Not sure if they still offer it in February. But try a different laptop, one you never accessed Jeep website from(clearing cache on yours may not work). Offer should show at summary page. Put the exact name/email used for Custom order. I used my 1k when I picked mine last week. Good luck!!
  2. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Delivered!!! with pictures. the $1k rebate works as well. Picking up next week.:-)
  3. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Same here. after 69 days, it is now scheduled.
  4. Picked up my jeep today and have a question.

    Congratulations! U-connect/controls/ you will find front camera and rear camera button
  5. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    I was surprised to see VIN the same day as VON. Maybe send an email to Renee/Daniel.
  6. 2023 Gupton Ordering, Tracking and Delivery Reports

    Ordered my 2nd yesterday. Vin and Von are showing. Hoping for < 3 months. my 22 took 5+months.
  7. 2023 Orders - Check in here

    Ordered my 2nd JLURXR yesterday. I have VON and VIN already showing in tracker. 1st one took almost 5+ months (Feb 11 2022-July 18 2022: 30 days in I status and 45 days in JB status)!. Hoping for shorter cycle this time around. Both orders with Gupton.
  8. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Hi. Which Step is this? thanks. Looks Great!!
  9. Inner fender liner rub/defect

    See what your local dealer/service person says. He should change it. They didn’t ask me any questions. He looked and ordered it right away and they installed the second day. I bought my Jeep out of state. No issues.
  10. Inner fender liner rub/defect

    My local dealer took care and replaced the inner fender under warranty.
  11. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    I did my own financing. But I recall there was an application link in the "Jeep arrived "email for the leasing. Congrats and good luck !!
  12. Inner fender liner rub/defect

    This happened to me this weekend when I picked up my brand new 2022 JLUXR driving from dealer in TN to Dallas. It started to make noise at 50 miles mark in the trip. When I got home (730 miles), a piece of it is gone. It was very annoying noise. @JeepCares is it under warranty?
  13. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    Picked my JLUXR yesterday. Ordered 2/11. Picked up 7/16. Tracker is still showing TBD. Gupton’s people are wonderful. Renee is prepping everyone Jeep (Gas, tire pressure, tags, etc) and she is walking each person with their initial setup. Walter took care of financing. My bank already sent a...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I missed to add steel bumper with XR. I only realized it 2 days after order was official. I am hoping XR package comes with steel skid. will confirm soon.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Good to know. I am hoping my Rubicon will have a steel skid plate. (I read it somewhere). Will see when I pick it up this weekend.
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Did you replace the plastic bumper? If so, any change in height or not enough to be concerned? I have an XR coming soon and thinking replacing plastic with Arcus. Thank you.
  17. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    THANK YOU!! You are the best!!:-)
  18. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    for giggles, tracker says it shipped April 24. Built June 2. So tracker is just to keep us busy and sane.
  19. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    Mine in shipping since June 2. it is not guaranteed to be the same month! My order is cursed. 30 days in inspection, ~40 days in JB, and now ~30 days in shipping. Exhausting and almost giving up. (I know some people are longer)
  20. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Very nice looking Jeep !!! Congratulations.