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  1. Guess what!?!?!?

    The fuel line on a 2023 is made of a vegetable matter. Yep. I surmise this is in part due to trying to "Go Green", but I digress. Guess what likes to chew on vegetable matter????? Squirrels, that's what. Guess what happens when you take delivery of a new jeep and have the dealer spray...
  2. No Ragrets???

    Do you have any regrets about buying the Tazer mini? I'm on the fence. SBB
  3. How low can you go?

    Stock Rubicon K02's. Beach driving season is here. I'm retired and ride on the beach at least 3 times per week. The ramp is about 6 miles from home. I have set the tire pressure to 20psi. There ain't no way I'm going to raise and lower the tire pressure for every time I go back and forth to the...
  4. High Revs???

    Does the 3.6 "like" high RPM's? My 8speed auto sure does shift at pretty low RPM's. I guess that's why it's so smooth. At least once every tank of gas I'll shift into manual and take it to almost redline in a few gears. Anyone else? SBB
  5. 195* Thermostat vs 165*?

    Why did Jeep, or Pentastar, or Stellanntis opt for a higher engine temperature? Pros vs cons? SBB
  6. Bulletpoint phone number?

    I have a couple questions about a specific configuration I want to order and I want to talk to someone at the company. The website does a great job at hiding the phone number. I understand most businesses these days prefer online orders, but sometimes you need to talk to a person to make sure...
  7. Takes some getting used to...

    Love my new Jeep! Not in love with the way it drives. Picked it up from the dealer with 41 lbs in the tires. Got it home and lowered to 24 for the beach. Drove it around for 4 days on and off the beach at 24. Raised to 32 for the 130 mile trip back to work. Got out of the Jeep and into the work...
  8. Soft Top car wash experience?

    Hello all. Notwithstanding the "I wouldn't do that, or should be ok" crowd, I'd like to hear from the horses mouth about automatic car washes. Personal experiences if you will. Have you taken your soft top through an automatic car wash? Did it negatively effect your soft top in any way? Was...
  9. There's been a lot of movement!

    I went from "Order Confirmed" to "Scheduled" on December 15th. I noticed many others did as well! Just perusing the threads I've seen at least 7 of us. Anyone else notice this? I wonder what happened on Dec. 15th???? SBB
  10. Anyone get the tan leather seats?

    Anyone get the tan leather seats? SBB
  11. Granite Crystal Metallic with tan leather seats!

    While I'm waiting on my order, 10/14/2023, I'd love to see some pics with the tan leather seats. I know there's probably not too many out there, that's one of the reasons I ordered it! Any such pics would be appreciated! SBB
  12. "Easy Order"

    What is the "Easy Order" on the Configuration Preview sheet when you order? SBB