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  1. Anyone Overlanding/camping in their Jeep during Winter weather?

    Try cutting down Reflectix (Home Depot) to window size. It helps with condensation. Plus it gives you privacy. I swear by it. I'm 5'2" and sleep in my two door. Just finished a better sleeping solution (pic before boards were carpeted).
  2. Ladies… what color is your wrangler?

    If I was going to buy a ‘24, I would get Earl Gray 2dr. But I’m sticking with my Sting Gray baby. (I removed all my decals)
  3. Ladies… what color is your wrangler?

    That is Leather Tuscadero in the pic above, not Pinky. This is Pinky for which the color is named after.
  4. Debating debadging

    Just removed mine yesterday. I’ve had my WILLYS for 3.5 years. Was so happy to get a WILLYS but decided I wanted a cleaner look. May even put retro stripes on it in the future but for now enjoying the cleaner hood. After reading all these comments I may go out and remove the wrangler.
  5. Dealer Lots full of Jeeps

    I was just at my dealer yesterday and they had one Wrangler and five Gladiators. They usually have a great selection there. But they also have good prices.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Went with a 1940's theme. WWII, Wonder Woman, Rosie the Rivetor, etc. Retro cooler and camp chair. Recovery gear and tools in retro bags.
  7. Why did you buy your Wrangler?

    I'm on my 3rd Wrangler and I have to say that it is my vehicle of choice because it fits my personality like no other vehicle. Also, there is no other ride that looks as cool even when it gets old except for maybe an old pickup truck. And I love feeling like I can get through anything. Oops, old...
  8. TJ to JL....no reason to buy in between

    I had a TJ Rubicon, a JK sport (4dr) and found 4 doors are not for me so I only had it two years. Plus the hood is boring. In 2020 I got a 2dr JL Willys. Love it and the retro design. Do not like the 2024 grille as it looks to me like a Bronco grille just with slots. I know because my husband...
  9. You can’t drive my Jeep.

    My husband never drives my Jeep and I refuse to drive his Bronco.
  10. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    No. Unfortunately the soldiers didn't have heated seats or remote start but it sure would have given them more comfort. Nevertheless, those two items do not change the LOOK of the Jeep at all. I do have both of those because it is my daily driver and I live in Wisconsin.
  11. Why so much hate for angry eyes grilles?

    Why buy a Jeep if the first part you are going to change is the most iconic part? 7 slots, that's a Jeep. I really don't get the obsession with angry eyes. Are they angry people? The Jeep went to war without angry eyes. If it ever needed angry eyes, that's when it would have been.
  12. The Truth About Scratches

    This is my 3rd and final Jeep Wrangler. I plan to grow old with it (it's my dream jeep) so I look at every little imperfection as character. Of course if it got dented bad or some hail damage while it is young, I would probably get it fixed but I don't want to stay up at night worrying about...
  13. BUGS!! Cleaning dead bug guts off your vehicle?

    I only use it on the windshield and the plastic bumper. And I have a Willys so there is a black plastic cover on my grill.
  14. BUGS!! Cleaning dead bug guts off your vehicle?

    I use warm water with a little Dawn in it (if it is good enough for duckies...) and wipe with a microfiber towel. I just had to clean a million corpses off my grille, bumper, and windshield yesterday. Drove 3.5 hours home from Green Bay in the evening after an all day rain shower. The humidity...