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  1. Buy back??

    If new vehicle is more $ you pay the difference.
  2. Dealership tire rotation

    I'm sure they have a key.
  3. Rattling noise in the back, coming from the right rear side.

    I always use a cargo liner in my Jeeps. This is the Rugged ridge version I got from Amazon. Very happy with it.
  4. Buy back??

    I got my full purchase price credited to my next vehicle. Transaction was as if I traded it in and very simple.
  5. Best way to handle a Jeep buy back.

    When I contacted the BBB about GM I got a call the next day. A lawyer is not at all necessary.
  6. Best way to handle a Jeep buy back.

    I just went through the buyback experience with GM. I had a 2022 High Country where Android Auto disconnected after 40 seconds, Dealer ordered a new radio unit but it was back ordered so I traded in the truck for a new Trail Boss. Same problem. They ordered a new radio unit. Then the wireless...
  7. 2dr Rubicon lifts... what say you?

    Just wheels and tires. and tailgate reinforcement kit.
  8. 35's vs 33's

    Its mostly cosmetic. Your Rubicon or any other Jeep is very capable off road. Go two inches bigger on tires you only gain 1 inch of ground clearance. Here is my before and after. I also go to a wider wheel. 8" or wider is recommended. My old wheels and tires are listed here for sale. $1250 AND...
  9. Future switch from 33” to 35”… Questions

    You can put a 35 on a 7.5" wheel. Most will air down to get good contact on the road but it's not the wa Many people do but it is recommended to use an 8" or wider wheel. My friend was a tire tester for BMW and he would not run a 315/70/17 or 35 X 12.5 on anything less than an 8"wheel.
  10. Future switch from 33” to 35”… Questions

    I haven't seen any factory wheels. I think you get 8" and 35;s with the extreme recon package on the 4 door. I believe you are right. And the minimum recommended wheel width is 8" for 315/70/17 or 35 x 12.5 x 17 which is on the Jeep 35" package available only on the 4 door. 35" tire package.
  11. North Carolina 5 2024 Rubicon takeoff wheels and tires for sale.

    My mistake, sorry. Somehow the rest of the text is under the second picture. Trying to edit it.
  12. North Carolina Sold: 5 2024 Rubicon takeoff wheels and tires for sale.

    Wheels and tires for Sale: 5 Rubicon takeoff wheels and tires. 17" X 7.5" machined wheels with Black pockets (a $1,095 option) and 285/70/17 BFG AT with 1,382 miles. TPMS not included. $1,000. Pick up only.
  13. Future switch from 33” to 35”… Questions

    Congratulations on your new Jeep! I also have a 2024 Rubicon X and and just swapped out my original wheels and tires at 1500 miles (that are now for sale). I went with new wider Vision Flow 9" wheels and 35X12 tires. My last Jeep was a 2018 JL Rubicon I did the same with. On my 2018 I did mount...
  14. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Many of us in this group never saw a JL in the wild as we waited and our projected build dates came and went for our 2018 JL's. Even getting told it was ready to ship from the FCA hotline only to find it was not so.
  15. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    Looking forward to seeing it. Be glad your wait is short. Many of us here waited 5 months or so for our 2018's.
  16. Dealership can now reprogram / calibrate speedometer and odometer for bigger tires

    Did you show them this? I had to show it to my dealer 2 years ago on my 2018 JLR