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  1. Low Gas signal on then how far more?

    I have actually checked this personally. I check this on every vehicle I purchase. My 2-door, 2021 JL Wrangler Rubicon has about 4 gallons remaining in the tank, when the low fuel light comes on.
  2. Xtreme Recon Xtreme 35 Tire

    I'm waiting for the 2025 model. Hopefully Jeep will offer the 3.6 V6/auto with the Xtreme package on the 2-door. No thanks on the turbo 4 cylinder.
  3. Installed Mopar 68322798AA Front Lower Control Arms last week

    Try to find a 24" ratchet, breaker bar, like this one I got from Home Depot: internet #315742424, model #H12RATBB24. I then got a 3 foot long, 3/4" black pipe to go over the breaker bar for even more leverage. I still had a hard time getting them tight enough.
  4. Installed Mopar 68322798AA Front Lower Control Arms last week

    The Mopar part number is stamped on the control arm. Get under your Jeep with a flashlight and check the part number and see if is the same as the new arms.
  5. Mechanic Hates Jeep People

    He sure likes using the "F" word!
  6. Arrived this morning, my new 392! BUT...now they make me wait....

    I have factory ordered many new Jeeps and have never heard of that. My factory orderd, 2021 JL Wrangler arrived at the dealer, and I was able to pick it up the next day.
  7. XTreme Recon Package for 2-Door?

    Still waiting for Jeep to offer the XTreme Recon Package on the 2-Door Rubicon. Anybody have any info on if or when Jeep might offer this?
  8. JLU Rubicon MPG comparison across engines (2.0T, 3.6, 392, 4XE, 3.0D)

    My 2021, 2-door Rubicon, all stock except for warn winch install, regularly gets 19 to 21.5 mpg on most tanks of gas. 3.6 V6 engine with e-torque and automatic. Mix of freeway and city driving.
  9. What’d make you trade your JL for a new one...?

    An Xtreme-Rubicon, 2-Door, LJ type version, 15" longer than a regular 2-door. I would place an order tomorrow.
  10. Poor AM Radio Reception

    I wish there was a "fix" also. I listen to talk radio on AM regularly, and my 2021 Wrangler with the 7" screen has the absolute worst AM radio of any vehicle I have ever owned. Even my 2006 Rubicon has much better AM radio sound and reception. You would think that after 15 years, reception...
  11. 3.6 not going away?

    Agree 100%. Most direct injection (DI) engines are very susceptible to carbon build up around the valves, unless it is a DI and port fuel injection (very complicated, and more maintenance/expense down the road)
  12. 3.6 not going away?

    Yes, there absolutely IS a 12V starter on the JL with e-torque. The 12V starter is used to initially start the engine. The E-torque is a belt drive system which is used only during the start/stop cycle at traffic lights, etc., not for the initial start. The E-torque belt drive starter is...
  13. New 3.6 ETorque Engine - How Does Auto Stop/Start Work?

    Correct. On LO/Auto, or on LO with A/C on, at any fan speed, the engine will not shut off.
  14. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    Yes, I have it and I love it! Northeast Ohio winters get COLD sometimes, and the remote start is great. Built in garage door opener is a plus also.
  15. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    - It is actually 25% more vehicle mileage per set. - 50,000 miles, not 48,000 miles. (5 divided by 4, x 40,000 = 50,000)
  16. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    That would be a bad idea. I would not want 3 new tires and 1 old tire. A spare just sitting in the sun will eventually dry rot. Also, what if you want to change tire brand, model, type, or size when you buy new tires. Then you will have to buy 5, and toss the original, un-used spare?
  17. Who Rotates 5 Tires?

    It's 25% longer, not 20%.
  18. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    For what it's worth, I am guessing that you put the correct oil in the engine, especially since you said it was a sealed cap container, and you broke the seal. There is a big difference in viscosity between say 10W-30 (if that is what you were used to), and 0W-20. Also, if it was some sort of...
  19. Mopar LCA swap

    I have a winch on my 2-door, JL Rubicon. It now drives great with the longer, lower control arms.