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  1. NJ Military Technology Museum (Lots of old Jeeps)

    Thank you for sharing the great pics! Back in WWII my Aunt was one of the first people to test these new Jeeps at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds.
  2. Soft top or sunrider?

    I’ve had CJ’s, TJ JK and now my JL, The JL was the first with a Hardtop and being a Willys, was slightly quieter with the Hardtop and the tires it came with. But I missed the open air feeling and for me (age and disabled) the Freedom panels are a PITA. I got the Bestop Sunrider and I could not...
  3. Clutch Recall (2/23/23): Clutch Pressure Plate May Overheat -- Affecting 70,000 Manual Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators

    I feel the exact same way. My 2020 has had no issues and I am a knowledgeable driver when it comes to manual transmission. One of the main reasons I bought my Jeep in the first place.
  4. Hybrid/Electric Vehicles will be charged more for plate renewal in TN (No Politics Please)

    Interesting. We’ve been thinking of moving to Tennessee for a few years now. We travel there often due to friends and Veterans we know there. So anytime I see something like this I take notice.
  5. New Gorilla glass is stupid $$$$

    Dang, this reminds me of the reason I sold my 2008 Saturn Astra a year after I bought it. I had a crack in the windshield, and NO ONE had a replacement. Car was built in Belgium, and the dealer had to order and ship one in. $2400 later…….. And of course Saturn was shut down a year later.
  6. Not that it's a contest, but just how many Jeeps have you owned?

    I’ve owned enough that when I don’t have one I yearn to get another one. That being said, my total is just 5, from a few generations. From my CJ back in 1975 to my current JL, I have loved them all, drove the snot out of them and made each one of them a little bit more me. And that is what...
  7. Engine 'feels' like its misfiring at idle - No Check Engine Light

    At 43,000 miles I’d be tempted at throwing plugs at it. If it’s still happening, I find someone with a scanner and take a look at what the cylinders are doing. Could me a weak coil or weak injector too. My .02
  8. Willys New Quieter Tire Suggestions

    Be happy that your Jeep had the MT/2 rather than the original Destination MT’s I had on my JK 2 door soft top. Those were quite noisy, the MT/2 is better but still not a long trip tire. For my Willys, I’m thinking about the Falken Wildpeaks.
  9. Continental Terraincontact A/T

    It’s been a bit since I’ve bought Conti’s for any of my rides. I’ve read some reviews on these and I feel there are better tires for a Jeep. My personal favorite right now are the Falken Wildpeaks A/T O3W’s. I’ll probably go with those when my Destination M/T’s get worn down more. I run...
  10. 5 tire rotation question?

    One thing to do is pick a pattern and stick with it. I actually have saved a PDF file of my rotation and print one out so I can date it, write down the tire pressures, check the depth gauge of each tire, and then check each of them off while doing the rotation. Of course the Jeep is on 4...
  11. 2024 manual transmission break in phase

    I’ll admit, this Jeep was hard to get used too. But some vehicles “YOU” need to adjust too, not the other way around. One thing I do notice is that I got mine used with only 4300 miles on it. I still think it was not fully broken in engine wise. A young lady owned it before me so who know...
  12. This is what perseverance looks like while working on a Jeep. What's your story of "this should be a quick fix"....NOT

    I think the secret to that is to pull the seats out. At least it works for me.
  13. Why Does The 2-Door JL Soft Top With The Top Down Look So Messy?

    It’s one of the reasons I went with the Hard Top this time around. Personal feelings, the JK I thought worked better. Just my .02
  14. Rust removal in Southern California

    I have NOT had this done, but I have seen some results, But Dry Ice blasting the under carriage. It seems like it gets things off and leaves the surfaces looking like new. A quick touch up of scratched areas with a good can of spray paint like VHT or POR15 chassis black would certainly...
  15. 40k Spark Plug Change - 2.0T

    If you can tell the difference in smoothness then it for sure was worth the effort!
  16. Serpentine Belt and Pulleys Replacement 3.6L w/ESS and NO e-torque

    That is for darn sure! I have plenty of tools, and I’m still capable at 68 to do most of the things for my Jeep and other vehicles in the Family. But I do think when they go through my tool box, they will ask “what is this thing”. And that is before they get into the nice Stainless Steel box...
  17. Serpentine Belt and Pulleys Replacement 3.6L w/ESS and NO e-torque

    OMG, ANOTHER tool to buy? One of these day when I’m gone, someone will look at my tool box and wonder what all this stuff is! LOL!
  18. Steering Shimmy

    I agree with ball joints But, Have you swapped tires front to back to see if it could be a bad tire, wheel, or balance?
  19. Fluid Film for undercarriage for rust protection?

    I do not believe in a fully undercoating of any sort. That is just me. But what I do it I spray the areas that are prone to rust, like where two areas come together in a seam or have an edge to them. I make sure they have a good coating. I also wipe off and re-coat and bolts, screws or...