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  1. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I actually drove up to the dealer - didn't literally fly.
  2. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Pleasantly surprised with a phone call from the dealer on Friday, 9/22, with a status report. My Jeep had arrived. So, I flew up that afternoon to Abingdon VA and bought it. It was in paint on 9/13 and built on 9/14, just before the strike. I expected it would stay put until the strike was...
  3. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    My Jeep is shipped as well but I wonder when they will actually be transported if the truck drivers are teamsters.
  4. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Well, our Sport S 2DR was completed on 9/14 and ostensibly shipped on Saturday, 9/16. I am guessing that means car hauler has it - sort of. BTW, my dealer is near Abingdon VA so it will come by car hauler. BTW, been waiting since 6/28. I feel for you guys who have had long waits.
  5. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Same here. It was built on 9/14 and now it waits for trucking.
  6. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Hopefully mine is right behind. My order confirmed was 6/28 and scheduled last week. Ship date for me is supposed to be 9/13, just under the wire hopefully.
  7. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    The salesman said it was ship date and shipping usually takes 12-24 hrs - from Toledo to Abingdon VA.
  8. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I am getting almost the same Jeep, same color hopefully in a couple weeks. The color in real life is wild.
  9. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Nice. Is that the High Velocity?
  10. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    Just got a call from the dealer - I have a ship date of 9/13 which is weird as the tracker still has it in confirmed.
  11. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    If your dealer already got it then nothing to worry about. Didn't see that at first.
  12. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    Congratulations. Obviously I love the color and that configuration (ordered the same). I am hoping perhaps the gates open up so mine gets built soon. Let's hope your dealer is the one who gets your Jeep. Would be nasty if it got shipped to that other dealer. :(
  13. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    This is almost identical to what I ordered on 6/28, same color and premium soft top, except I got Sport S and 2T. Hopefully mine gets built soon.
  14. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    When I ordered my Sport S 2DR June 28 I was planning to use my 2013 Nissan Frontier as trade-in. However, I got thinking the gods out there might run it into a tree before I could trade it in so I ended up selling it to my son-in-law. I also stopped riding my 2003 HD flstci so I ended up...
  15. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I ordered the 2024 2DR Sport S and it should have the old grill albeit I have ordered the black grill.
  16. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    I am thinking the same thing.
  17. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I ordered Sport S, 2DR on June 28 and still at C. I wonder if the common thing is 2DR?
  18. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    I ordered the sport S 2dr, 2T with towing, convenience, black grill and led headlights, standard premium soft top on June 28 and still in confirmed. Wonder what the difference is in why yours is picked up and mine is staying put.
  19. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    I ordered the 2T with automatic 8speed.
  20. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    That is exciting. I ordered a Sport S 2Dr with Soft Top on 6/28 and it is still in Confirmed. Is yours a 2dr with Soft Top? I am trying to figure out why my order is taking longer. Thanks.