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  1. Louisiana Price Reduced - Hardtop for JLUR Hydro Blue Pearl

    2021 Hydro Blue Pearl hardtop with freedom panels for sale. Includes Mopar freedom panel bag. Excellent condition, no chips or scratches. $2000 $1,800 obo. Located in Hammond, LA.
  2. Rear Sway Bolt Hits Frame

    Just had my 21 JLUR on Metal Cloak's CTI trailer and found my rear sway bar bolt treads hitting the frame. The CTI people said they have seen this before on JL's and one solution was to cut the threads off behind the nut. Has anyone else dealt with this or found a fix?
  3. Bestop Side Window Tube Tearing Off Soft Top Along Stitching

    Just noticed that the rubber-plastic tube that is stitched onto the soft top material is tearing right along the stitch holes. Never had any issues with the windows coming loose or blowing out. I submitted a warranty claim. Is this a common issue?
  4. Fox 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer Relocation

    I have a Fox 2.0 ATS Steering Stabilizer 983-02-148 installed on my 2022 Rubicon and would like to get a relocation kit for it. Been searching on here and have not found any previous post that I could find for this. Has anyone done this and what kit did you use?
  5. XRC Gen 2 Front Bumper D-Ring Mounts for Towing

    Got some good news today from Smittybuilt. I had asked customer support if I could tow my 2021 JLU behind my Class C motorhome using the D-ring mounts and they said YES in an email response. Seen a few people posting on FB and other internet forums that it was a big NO for D-ring towing using...
  6. 2021 Rubicon Spare Tire Mount Weight Limit

    What are the weight limits for the stock spare tire mount and door hinges?