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  1. Mark Dodge 10% below invoice? I just got my Rubicon!!!

    Congrats! I ordered my Rubicon from Mark Dodge. One of the easiest buying experiences that I have had. We did it over zoom and they were the cheapest that I could find. Most of the dealers here in Florida aren’t willing to come down on the price.
  2. Another "Deciding Between Willy's and Rubicon" Thread

    Looks great! Yeah, the only reason I got the Rubicon was for the front locker but haven’t needed it. I haven’t even needed the rear locker. Damn Wrangler just makes off roading too easy lol.
  3. Driving 4xe in Mountains..Excellent

    We drove our 4xe Rubicon up to NC and TN from FL. Definitely enjoyed driving in the mountains with it. Much more enjoyable than my Power Wagon. I can’t wait to go back!
  4. 2.0 sounds rough…

    Then you clearly don’t understand DI engines.
  5. 2.0 sounds rough…

    The 2.0L is a DI engine and it is normal that it sounds like a diesel. If something was wrong you would get a CEL. New engines have multiple knock sensors.
  6. How long can you let Jeep 4xe sit for?

    I have had my Jeep parked for 3 weeks while on vacation with no issues. Like others have said, the EV battery will charge the 12v battery once the 12v drops to a certain level. I’ve watched the batteries do this when camping. I will leave my camping fridge plugged into my inverter that is...
  7. Differences in 2024 4xe PHEV system - Willys vs Rubicon

    i would definitely think that a honda generator would be more efficient. Those are nice! I didn’t want to spend Honda money, so I bought 2 Champion dual fuel 2500 generators and the link.
  8. Differences in 2024 4xe PHEV system - Willys vs Rubicon

    2000w is definitely a lot for camping. Usually if I need a lot of power for extended periods of time, I bring my champion 2500 propane generator.
  9. Differences in 2024 4xe PHEV system - Willys vs Rubicon

    I have a 1000 watt inverter in my 2023. Zero issues! I’ve noticed that once the 12v battery drops down to around 11.8 then the EV battery boost it back up. I’ve left my portable fridge going for 12 hours without issue.
  10. 4xe curious

    1. Zero issues offroad. Tons of low end torque. 2. You do lose space due to the battery. 3. leased but will buy once the interest rates come down. 4. No issues with my battery. The bug thing that I noticed in the cold is when you run the heater, your range will reduce quickly.
  11. Dealership fee norms? Florida? Shenanigans?

    I’m in the Tampa area “Wesley Chapel”. There are tons of worthless shady dealers here. I ordered my Wrangler through Clutch and bought it from a dealership out of state. The worst dealer in our area is Ferman. They are total POS fucks! Anyone that buys from Ferman gets ripped off. Now if...
  12. What am I going to hate?

    I only can dream of having my Rubicon in Alaska lol! That would be so damn awesome!
  13. What am I going to hate?

    How is it costing you 4x in fuel? I call that overdramatized BS! Even with my 4xe Rubicon completely loaded for camping with a roof rack and 2 other passengers, I average 19-20 mpg on the highway in e-save.
  14. What am I going to hate?

    Well said! I have the same experience. Most of my trips throughout the day are short, 10-15 mile round trips. I come home, charge with a level 2 and go back out. There are multiple days a week that I will charge 2 to 3 times. On log trips I will usually save the battery and drive in e-save...
  15. 19 Electrified Jeeps, and SHE LOVES THEM

    Now that would be a fun business to own!
  16. What am I going to hate?

    The 4xe is always a hybrid even when the battery displays 0%. Even at 0% you will still have the same amount of HP and toque. You just won’t be able drive it in electric mode. There are a ton of videos of this on YouTube.
  17. What am I going to hate?

    Agreed! It’s clear that most of the negative posters have never driven one. Even when it says 0% there is still battery power.
  18. What am I going to hate?

    Exactly! I’m even surprised by the high number of Jeep owners that are mechanically challenged. I’ve started telling these people that they need a left handed metric wrench to loosen the gas cap.
  19. Asfir 4x4 oil pan/transmission skid installed

    Installed this a few days. Not bad, did it in my driveway without jacking it up.
  20. Gorilla Glass Windshields

    I wouldn’t waste my money. In fact, my dealer actually told me to not waste my money. Normally a dealer will try to sell you anything.