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  1. Why do you own a Jeep

    wanted something slower. and wanted something that was mod friendly and would allow me to learn to do more maintenance myself
  2. coolant learning experience

    Like some the others have posted my poor Kozie has had a few episodes recently where the temperature gauge has shot up. only has been happening on the first start of the day as I'm getting on the highway on my way to work up to about a couple weeks ago. and has been happening more frequently now...
  3. 2.0 Temp at Drive Thru/Idles

    did adding a little coolant work?
  4. Planning for a trip to Black Hills and Badlands on a stock Sport S

    not sure if this will help but i use onXoffroad app and if Im out on the trails by myself or know ill be by myself the highest trail level I'll do is a 3-4. that can give a good idea of mods to do and such depending the type of trails you're into.
  5. Local Dealer Refuses to Repair Rear Window Defrost because Jeep was purchased used at another dealer

    The dealer may have a point. The one I worked at had a similar policy when it came to used vehicles. But if it's the manufacturer that shouldn't matter. But maybe fixing it yourself like the one person said. Saw to much lunacy when I worked at the dealership.
  6. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Went and visited some trails in Ohio
  7. Jeep cleaning products (New)

    they're on my list of chemicals to try. Ive been using Griots and chemical guys just out of habit really. and really like them but been curious about Admas for a little while now.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    wash, claybar, and wax
  9. Lets see those 2drs OFFROAD (pictures zone)

    that mud pic OMG LOVE!!!!!
  10. Gone but not forgotten..

    This is my old MK7 golf Günther. This lil guy saw me through and got me through alot of mess. I picked up Günther after I completed the lemon process on my renegade trailhawk as i was getting out the Marines. I worked numerous jobs while I had Günther but the coolest part was getting involved...
  11. I am sick of back ordered parts.. I may not buy a jeep ever again.

    its the new normal, and Stellantis has been in and out of court due to them not paying their suppliers, some have refused to deliver parts. so there's that. my parents had to wait for parts on their Rav4 to.
  12. Soft Top rattle?

    Mine rattles but I've gotten used to it. But expected it at the same time. Mortimer it's quiet though.
  13. **Price Up 61%, Sales Down 34%** - Last 5 Years for Jeep

    ? damn in all seriousness though I wouldn't surprise me the new CEO seems off
  14. Lease ending soon. Wrangler Round 3, or GC???

    I say 4Xe but yokramer does have a point.
  15. Heritage tan up keep

    Good day to all over the Christmas holiday I had the luxury if driving my grandmother around to run errands and what not. She really loves my Jeep Kozie and was telling me to invest in something to keep the interior mainly the seats clean. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of good vacuum...
  16. SiriusXM and Android Auto

    Inuse the app and am subscribed through there since my 2iwillys never had the antena thing installed and I can control the app with the steering wheel buttons and screen.
  17. Jeep Wave Etiquette

    I wave to everyone including the renegades and compass people but also depends on my mood and whether im paying attention but I thought it was just a Michigan thing with people not waving
  18. This is Limoncello.

    So awesome where did you find the gauges they're beautiful! The whole thing is but those omg