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  1. Edmunds 100,000 mile Wrangler JL Rubicon Long Term Update Review

    Get Desert DoesIt fixed seat jackers. Raises front of seat up 1.25” and makes a massive difference. I can drive 6 hours now and be completely comfortable. Seriously get them, it’s a game changer.
  2. Gorilla glass replacement question

    There is no deductible, that’s horse shit. Dealer replaced mine under warranty 100% free of charge.
  3. Gorilla glass replacement question

    It’s definitely covered but there are as mentioned before specific requirements. My dealer told me the same thing. I then showed them the Mopar warranty page for the gorilla glass and demonstrated that it was within the coverage requirements. They filed the claim and it was approved the same...
  4. ? SOON - CarPlay with Companion App!?

    It absolutely does. Wired sounds significantly better than any wireless CarPlay dongle. If you use Tidal it’s even better since it’s not compressed like Spotify.
  5. Official: 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift Refresh Gets Major Updates & Upgrades!

    Then go marry an ugly woman while you are at it. She can still have kids ???
  6. Official: 2024 Jeep Wrangler Facelift Refresh Gets Major Updates & Upgrades!

    For those of you that like the new grill I submit this photo. Still like it?
  7. Thoughts on 2024 & new 392 features

    I like the new screen but hate how it was implemented. The new grill leaves a lot to be desired. The current JL grill looks great. Why not offer the new one as a high airflow option? Power seats are cool but the manual ones are really just fine. The floating axle is great but from what I have...
  8. Where and how did you mount fire extinguisher?

    I have desert does it fixed seat jackers and their mole panel. I used a quick fist clamp mounted to it for the E100 element extinguisher.
  9. Winch Wiring: Direct to Battery or Power Cut Off?

    Just installed my Zeon 10s. I used a cutoff switch and mount from American Adventure Labs. Super simple. Only needed a couple 8mm cap head screws to mount the switch plate at a factory location and 3ft of power wire to go from switch to the battery. It’s a great solution ready to go...
  10. RSE Gen 3 sliders

    Don’t disagree but mine looks so good when it’s clean.
  11. RSE Gen 3 sliders

    Just thinking they are going to get pretty beat up. It’s my daily so it would look nicer. I guess the little bit of weight savings would be nice too.
  12. RSE Gen 3 sliders

    I would like to make the add on skid plates removable. It would be nice to put them on only when wheeling. Has anyone done this?
  13. Rock krawler lifts thoughts

    I’m looking at doing the 2.5 392 Adventure series.
  14. 392 Death Wobble @ 13,904 miles on the ODO

    Are you more likely to get DW with factory suspension or just with a lift? Or you are going to get it regardless.
  15. 392 Dana 44 axles beefed up for 392?

    Did this bolt right up on a 392XR?
  16. Part # for Xtreme Recon Wheels

    Hi, does anyone have the paint code for the 392 XR bronze wheels?