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  1. Public Service Announcement

    My point was that you seem petty.
  2. Public Service Announcement

    So Sunset was correct, your vague comment was pointed directly at him.
  3. Strike Four, You're OUT

    Calm down, Punkn.
  4. Calibration after new tires

    But you aren't a true jeeper unless you mod your Jeep to be able to run the fog lights and highbeams at the same time.
  5. What problems have you encountered since owning a Wrangler?

    How does a throttle controller help with transmission lag?
  6. Differential fluid

    Currently, the M200 is referred to as a Dana 35. Do your research before you spread more misinformation.
  7. Dishonest and disingenuous Mopar Vehicle Protection Coverage Plan

    LOL I think most people don't sign stuff that is not in writing.
  8. Think Jeep will change their mind on painted roof & leather in the rubicon?

    Lol, they'd be selling like hot cakes, but at a loss to Stellantis. That doesn't seem like a good business model.
  9. If you thought things were bad already...

    A 41% increase in annual pay for working 20% less hours annually, is a 76.25% raise per hour.
  10. Local dealer refusing service for my Jeep

    Was it leaking blinker fluid?
  11. Starter battery issue

    Is your aux battery an Odyssey?
  12. Are "Expensive" Tires Even Worth It?

    Yes, Michelin makes the BFGoodrich KO2.
  13. The OEM LED light package is dangerous in snow.

    You should have kept your old Jeep or opted to not pay extra money for LEDs that you knew were not heated. A common sense solution for your current situation is to spend another $800 on some heated LEDs so you can drive through blizzards safely, or sell the Jeep or move to a warmer location.
  14. ARB dual compressor mount under JL hood!

    Also, if you want the 1 gal ARB air tank for extra capacity (which I went for as it speeds up the air-up process even more), it can be mounted up out of harm's way under the passenger seat but up in the frame from below with just a few feet air hose connection. I like knowing my compressor is...
  15. Recommended KO2 Tire Pressure

    What's the point of doing a chalk test if you're always going to run at the tire manufacturers suggested pressure?
  16. Bad idea?… Opinions.

  17. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    Lol, I haven't taken the top of yet.
  18. Jeep Politics (Not Political) :-)

    I didn't realize a Q5 was made for offroading or that you could remove the top from one. ?
  19. Tire Brands - the Good and the Bad

    Man I wonder how Loren Healy, Casey Currie, Shannon Campbell, or Von Gittin Jr ever get traction with Nitto's hard compound. They must use a different brand of tires on their daily drivers and in foul weather. Toyo owns Nitto and I'm pretty sure both brands compete in competitions and comply...