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  1. How Can We Help?

    @AllMoparParts.com , Please confirm this power steering is the most recent "steel" power steering gearbox available for a 2019 JLR (2door) manual v6. https://store.mopar.com/oem-parts/mopar-power-steering-gear-68551684ae 2018-2023 Jeep Wrangler - 68551684ae Are the 4 bolts (#3, #4) and nut...
  2. Best JL Tailgate Table Recommendations

    For AAL, is the paint durable? Wondering if unfinished is the way to go for practical use.
  3. Opinion - BEST MUD FLAPS?

    Looks nice and clean with no overwhelming logos/branding. Question for those with RokBlokz, if you order black on black (logo), is the logo gone or repaint to hide the logo for one less branded item? Hard to tell if its painted and/or etched into the material.
  4. 2 Door on Highway

    Should be fine with the newer steel gearing box vs 18-20 aluminum steering gear box. You'll move a bit to wind but it ain't exhausting or scary if that's your concern. Range is short so expect lots of sprints which isnt a bad thing to get up and stretch. 4 door has all the convenience and...
  5. What did you NOT KNOW about your Jeep until today?

    I have a 2019. Drove a '23 4xe rental to Yosemite and I'm going to my dealer for the TSB recall on the steering gearbox. Wow - huge difference in handling.
  6. Rival Rear Bumper Parking Sensor Issues

    Here's how the manual guides you to install the sensors: Rival support guides you to install as shown below which is similar to the OEM original positioning; however, the wiring harness blocks the U bracket install provided by Rival. They also recommend ordering the Mopar steel bumper bezels...
  7. Rival Rear Bumper Parking Sensor Issues

    Seems like an error in @Rival 4x4 design plan or Buyer interpreting conflicting messages in the manual and support feedback. The manual shows the parking sensors with brackets fastened across the sensors horizontally. Rival support says to change the orientation of the parking sensors to match...
  8. Rival Rear Bumper Parking Sensor Issues

    Bought mine last year and finally got around to installing the rear stubby. Sensors arent working correctly so I'm wondering if they're picking up the hooks or they're angled by Rival downward too much causing them to trip. The OEM plastic bumper had the sensors flat horizonal and Rival's have...
  9. JEEP JL Side Steps recommendations?

    Sounds like you need rock engineering steps for the shorter crew in your life. Friend has it and its a $2k luxury for his wee little companions.
  10. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    So the black version opens in a slower controlled motion than the higher priced stainless steel?
  11. Jeeps on fire on Mt Washington

    Stay at Joe Dodge Lodge and then hike up in about 2-3.5 hours. If you're too sore, then book a van to ride down. The AMC hut system is an awesome experience and good people.
  12. Prime Day - Anyone buying? Share your links

    Don't overlook Summit Racing. If you hit them up tonight, its $100 off $1000 in spend for items that rarely if ever get discounted. Grabbing a winch, maybe a steering stabilizer, and few other upgrades.
  13. New bumper with tire carrier or both bumper and tire carrier?

    I'm deciding between Motobilt's Crusher and Rival's stubby. Moto supports 40" by default and Rival's is limited to 35". Either will require an adjustable reinforced tire carrier for the gate. I plan to avoid a bumper tire swing for a number of reasons most of which already stated by others...
  14. Rival 4x4 stubby bumper

    How are these bumpers holding up? Are they easy to bang up and scratch to hell or are they providing the protection you expected?
  15. 2021 Rubicon 2 door hard top.

    Your average buyer may realize the two door challenges doesn't work out for their lifestyle as originally envisioned in their thoughts. They may also be surprised by the handling vs what theyr'e used to. So you get a lot of low mile returns within 12 months. Unless this build has exactly...
  16. Auto or stick?

    JLR 2D MT. Its absolute joy to drive every time I get the opportunity. If I would've gotten a JLUXR, then it would be an auto for longer road trips, luxury camping lifestyle, and total lazy experience on the trail. But I rolled out with a 2dr and it had to be a 6 speed for this chapter of...
  17. Which exhaust do you have on your v6 rubi?

    How's the drone at freeway speeds? Any feedback you can share on its sound with top off and on? I'm interested in this passing the wife test. Seen the videos, but not sure how close those sound to in-person.
  18. Any 2-Door, Manual Rubicons out there?

    Anyone drive a 4.88 '22 build off the lot yet?
  19. Question about Carmax, Carvana and Vroom

    No. They'll offer you the vehicle going rate, fight you on the mods as not really impacting the value, and then markup up the rate of the vehicle for the mods to the next buyer telling them "look at these great accessories". Maximize profit. Insurance will be the same way if you get in a...