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  1. '23 to '24 4xe Willys Differences?

    I intend to lease a '24 very soon and noticed that the Jeep build tool lists the standard axle ratio as 3.73 (same as '23), no 4.10 option available but when I look at a '24 window sticker it lists 4.10. Anyone have a build sheet for a new '24 and can confirm which is correct? I'm assuming the...
  2. Question for Current 4xe Owners

    In the buy back process with FCA for my '23 Willys 4xe and trying to decide if I get another 4xe or go a different route. Wondering if other owners would make the same choice again after actually owning one. If you wouldn't buy one again, why not?
  3. Star Case Experiences?

    Just opened a Star case with Jeep to address my leaking transmission gasket. It's been to the dealership three times and it still leaks, albeit less. They've replaced the gasket three times, the pan & bolts during the last go around. Die was added to the fluid after the second attempted fix and...
  4. Star Case #?

    Is there a way to view open Star cases for the JLU 4xe? I'm assuming no but thought I'd ask anyway. Supposedly there is a case already open for my leaking transmission gasket but as of yet @JeepCares hasn't shared the number.
  5. Frustrating Transmission Pan Leak - 4xe!

    New '23 developed a small but steady leak that I noticed at ~2K miles. Was told it was the gasket (front edge). Replaced after waiting for a week (on back order). Drove it a few days and the leak is still there. Discussed with the service tech and he said it has to be the gasket, no other leaks...
  6. 4 Cyl Oil Pressure?

    '23 4xe - just noticed that the oil pressure will fluctuate between ~18 and 46 PSI. In hybrid and esaver modes. Is this normal? Most of the time it's at 18 but will bump for a time to 45 - 46.
  7. Emporia Level 2 Charger

    Appears to be a nice charger for the cost ($399 for 40A). Spec's look good. Does anyone have real-world experience with this unit? The other unit I'm seriously considering is the Autel Maxi Charger.
  8. Using a 40A EVSE with a 4xe

    I'm contemplating installing a dedicated 50A circuit and 40A capable EVSE in my garage just in case I go full EV in the future. I know that the 4xe is limited to a max. of 32A so I'm assuming the controller in the Jeep will automatically limit the current draw to 32A and the EVSE will deliver...
  9. ICE Break In?

    Just picked up a '23 Willys 4xe, only 75 mile so far. I've been running strictly in hybrid mode and about 2/3 has been electric and 1/3 ICE. Plan to review the manual today, just wondering what others have done specifically to break in the 4 cylinder turbo engine?
  10. Willys 4xe Orders?

    Anyone order a Willys 4xe yet? Got a pricing sheet today and seriously considering selling/ trading my '21 Sport Altitude for the 4xe. Just not sure it'll arrive before the end of the year to take advantage of the tax credit before the changes take effect in '23. The dealer has been very...
  11. New Jeep Vandalized!

    Not horrific in the scheme of things, especially these days with what's going on across the globe, including a pandemic and possible WWIII but.....I'm still pissed off none the less! I took delivery in November (waited a long time to order a new Wrangler) and during a recent fill-up I noticed a...
  12. Centering the steering wheel?

    I have a 21 Sport and the steering wheel seems to not be centered, about 5 deg. off to the right as you face it. It's been in to the dealer twice and they've performed an alignment which did fix a slight out of spec. issue on a front wheel. As part of the alignment process the wheels are...
  13. Steering play....How much is typical?

    Posted this in another thread but reposting here hoping to get some feedback...thanks!
  14. Ready for Winter!

    Just got the new Sport undercoated (NH Oil). Before After
  15. What do you do with your Jeep?

    I thought it would be interesting to see how many members actually take their JLU off-road.
  16. Add Jeep OEM heated seats?

    I didn't order the cold weather heated seat/ wheel option with my Jeep (my bad) and now wondering if they can be installed by the dealer? Anyone had it done or inquired? I'm assuming anything is possible but it's probably cost prohibitive? After market seat warmers installed are ~$600 but no...
  17. Sahara vs. Sport Altitude Suspension...what's the diff?

    The Altitude package has the heavy duty suspension (SDU is listed on my build sheet) which has gas shocks that I believe are the same as the Sahara but what about the springs, sway bar, etc., are those the same? Supposedly the brakes are the same HD brakes as used on the Sahara but those are not...
  18. Thinking about having my Jeep shipped?

    New Sport Altitude on order from an out state dealer and I'm thinking about have it shipped vs. picking it up in person. Looking for feedback, tips or recommendations from anyone who has gone this route. Not being able to do an inspection and test drive at the dealership before taking delivery...
  19. Mopar Fuel Filler Cover Install?

    Has anyone installed the optional cover? Considering ordering the black and installing it myself vs. paying the dealer $130. Wondering if it's a simple/ straight forward install or not so much?
  20. Sport Altitude Trim

    Just ordered a '21 Sport Altitude in white and I'm curious why others decided to buy this package with all of the other trim packages offered by Jeep?