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  1. This can't be real, no friggin way!!!!!

    I have seen one of these in action before shoved down the officer’s vest, was like WTF??
  2. Um what?

    He is very young, like 18 but looks much younger. Doesn’t excuse not knowing the product… Unless he can get me a smoking deal on what I want we will be finding another dealer.
  3. Um what?

    For context I was inquiring when the 2.0 turbo was going to be available for order when the conversation went off the rails…so actually there are not other dealers that can sell me what I want.
  4. Um what?

    That must have been what he was referring to…?
  5. Um what?

    The guy is young, but my man learn the product!
  6. Um what?

    Been conversing with this salesman and he’s pushing the 4xe which I have no desire for and after replying with my reasoning (want a 2 door) he sends me this reply. SMH…
  7. Jeep stops taking orders in Gas 2.0l ?

    I’ve spoken with multiple dealers and all of them are equally clueless. Tried speaking with Jeep Care and they knew less than the dealers. This forum has provided more answers than the others combined and for that I am grateful. Appears to me the dealers just want the easy sale without having...
  8. Strike Affecting Custom Factory Orders?

    The unit we drove was a 23, so that makes sense. Had to verify with the window sticker to be sure.
  9. Strike Affecting Custom Factory Orders?

    Gotcha. We actually drove a 3.6 w/eTorque and didn’t even realize it until you brought this to my attention. Compared to the 4 banger turbo it seemed anemic. We are going to wait for the turbo 4 before we order.
  10. Strike Affecting Custom Factory Orders?

    Can you site the source for the eTorque? I don’t see this listed anywhere on the site.
  11. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    For the record I did search for this info, my googlefu must not be so good. At least they could align what's on the configurator with the actual availabilities. After driving both engines, the turbo is hands down our favorite.
  12. 2024 Sport and S waiting room

    Tried to order the 2.0 turbo with the auto and multiple dealerships say it's not available, but that is literally the only configuration with an auto available on the Jeep configurator. First Jeep order and the frustration level is high...