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  1. Free Rubicon Take Offs - Van Nuys Pickup

    Just installed a lift and I have a bunch of stock Rubicon take offs that are up for grabs. I'm gonna hold onto these for a few weeks before tossing in the trash, but wanted to post in case they could be of any use to anyone here. All parts have about 45k miles on them except for the steering...
  2. California Sold: Teraflex ST1 Spacer Kit + 2" Bump Strike Pad Extension Kit (Los Angeles)

    Teraflex ST1 kit* + Bump Strike Pad Extension Kit - $175. This came off my Rubicon after moving up to a Metalcloak lift, but it served me well and I was impressed by how much I was able to wheel with this set up on 35"s. Set is in great condition. Local pickup preferred, but I can ship on your...
  3. California Sold: $700 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 35x12.5x17 - D (Los Angeles - Van Nuys/SFV)

    Set of 5 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT 35” tires. Set has about 8k miles on them, rotated once at 5k. Tires are clean with no punctures, tears, etc. Selling because I moved up to 37”s 50,000 mile tread life per manufacturer. Specs can be found here...
  4. 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT's for Sale Soon

    Wanted to see if anyone in the local forum would be interested before I post on the market place. I will have a set of 5 Baja Boss AT's(35/12.5/R17 D) up for sale in the coming weeks. Tires have 7k miles on em and had a five tire rotation done at 5k miles. they are in great condition. Asking...
  5. California Sold: Rubicon High Line Flares LED Textured Black Used w/liners (Los Angeles)

    Set of OEM textured black Rubicon fender flares with LED lights and liners. Flares are USED from a 2018 Rubicon Unlimited with 42k miles. The expected wear and tear is there, but they still clean up nice with some armorall after a wash or with some love from a Cerakote treatment. Front...
  6. Rowher/Bouquet Canyon Fire

    https://ktla.com/news/local-news/crews-battle-brush-fire-in-angeles-national-forest-near-santa-clarita/ Man, looks like the steep trail on the reservoir side is taking the brunt of it...
  7. California Sold: WTB Rubicon Rear Steel Bumper W/Sensors

    Looking for OEM Rear Steel Bumper for 2018 JLUR. Needs to be sensor compatible (I have the sensors on my current bumper) Los Angeles (SFV) area, but willing to travel for pickup if the price is right, thanks!
  8. WTB Rubicon Rear Steel Bumper w/Sensors

    Banged mine up and looking for an easy replacement. Thanks!
  9. Steel Bumper vs. Post

    Oooofff, backed into a post at the gas station and the rear driver side bumper took a hit. Anybody have an idea of how bad this is??? Debating if I want to get my insurance company involved. I have a $1k deductible
  10. Los Angeles - JLU Rubi Shocks

    Swapped out my Rubi shocks at 14k miles for aftermarket shocks and have these up for grabs. Free for anyone who is interested and can pick up in Van Nuys. Sorry, no other rubi suspension parts available as I just went with a spacer lift and shocks
  11. California Sold: JLUR OEM Rock Slider $100

    Clean pair of OEM sliders from a 2018 JLU Rubicon, original hardware included. No scratches or trail rash. Must be able to pick up. Located in Van Nuys. These will fit in a 4 door JL with the seats down for transportation. DM for inquiries. Thanks!
  12. WTB: JL Rubicon Take Offs - Los Angeles

    Hey So Cal, My dad just bought a Sahara and is looking for Rubi take offs from a 2020 model - OEM Rubi Wheels and Tires (KO2's preferred) - OEM Steel Bumpers front & rear Will pay cash and can pickup locally PM if you have any goodies, thanks!
  13. California Sold: JLU Rubicon Stock Tires and Wheels x 5 - San Fernando Valley

    Complete set of stock Rubicon wheels and 33" KO2s with TPMS - $1000 Wheels are clean and free of curb or trail rash. Tires have ~9,000 miles and were previously rotated at ~4,500 miles. Set is balanced and ready to be mounted. Previous tire locations have been marked so you can properly rotate...