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  1. Factory Full Float D44

    Not sure if anyone has posted this.
  2. Leaky rear end

    Hung out with the boys last weekend and yesterday I realized I have a leaky rear end... This is the second time it has happened. First time was shortly after I re-geared. I had a trip coming up and everything was back order in 2021, so the shop fixed it with some RTV. It had been good since...
  3. Indiana Sold: M210 axle shafts

    Looking for OEM Rubicon front axle shafts. If someone upgraded their shafts and have the OEM ones laying around, please let me know. If you are willing to ship I will cover the shipping. Thank you!
  4. Off-road jack

    $299 plus them 20% off coupon?
  5. Colorado trip Ideas

    We are tossing around the idea of exploring some trails in Colorado, specifically within 2 hours west of Denver. The current consensus is 4 trail days and the 2 trails we want to run are Holy Cross and Chinaman Gulch, but I'd like to get more suggestion from you folks to lay down a solid plan...
  6. Indiana WTB REAR Steel Bumper w/ Parking Sensor Compatibility

    Will drive to pick up if the price make sense. I am located in northern Indiana. Thank you.
  7. Indiana WTB REAR Steel Bumper w/ Parking Sensor Compatibility

    Will drive to pick up if the price make sense. I am located in northern Indiana. Thank you.
  8. Indiana Sold: Apex Steering Boost Kit $120 Shipped

    Like new condition. Installed and used for about 1000 miles. Works as advertised but I decided to go a different route. It requires a steering fluid cooler (not included). Paid $170. Asking $120 shipped to lower 48 via UPS ground.
  9. Steering pump noise

    I installed the apex steering boost kit with their cooler. Everything went well and the cooler fits fine since mine is a sport without swaybar disco motor in the way. However, the pump started to make slight whining noise under load. I wondered if I didn't bleed the system completely, so I...
  10. Indiana Sold: Rusty's Front Track Bar Mount Brace

    Used for about two years nothing wrong with it. Some powder coat flaking I touched up with primer. Hardware included. $50 shipped to lower 48. https://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-front-track-bar-mount-brace-jl-wrangler.html
  11. Indiana Sold: (5) Nitto Ridge Grappler 34"x11.50R17 - $600

    Selling my 5 Ridge Grappler 285/75R17 (34"x11.50R17) Load C tires. A set of 5. Been on all kinds of terrain and they perform well both on and off road. 18 month old with about 60% of the tread left. I do 5 tire rotation every 3,000 miles religiously, so the wear is very even across the board...
  12. JLU (4DR) Sold: Teraflex 1.5" leveling kit

    Upgraded to spring lift. I ran them for about 10k miles which should not matter since they are spacers. 2" spacers for the front and 1.5" for the rear. $80 shipped continental USA.
  13. Indiana Sold: Maximus 3 jl classic hoop

    I bought a Rubicon steel bumper from another member and it came with it. Don't want it don't need it. Like new condition with no scratches. Come with reinforce brackets and hardware. $125 shipped. https://maximus-3.com/jl-bumper-accessories-/jl-classic-hoop
  14. JLU (4DR) Sold: Falcon 2.1 shocks 0-1.5" lift. 4DR

    6000 miles on them no issues perfect condition. Great quality shocks. I just upgraded to an identical set but for 2-3" lift. $400 shipped.
  15. Indiana Rubicon 4D shocks, $50

    Roughly 6k miles. $50 pick up. Northern Indiana.
  16. Indiana Rubicon rockrails 4D, $100

    Great condition. I had a small accident on the rock panel and insurance replaced the passage side so it is technically new. Very minor scratches on the driver's side. Northern Indiana. $100 pick up.
  17. Touch Screen wont turn on

    Last night I was going thru the features that come with JL Tazer. In the process, I turned the radio off and it wont turn back on since. I have tried to full reboot or unmarry but no luck. Has anyone had the same issue or know what is wrong? Mine is Uconnect with 7" touchscreen.
  18. Basic Sport S build

    Mine is a 18 fully loaded sport s 6 speed. Missing only tow package which I didn't want. Keeping it stockish look with some performance upgrades. Nothing fancy. It's been amazing so far. First jeep and I'm more than happy with it. Teraflex ST1 kit with Falcon shocks + Rubicon takeoff springs =...
  19. Front Bumpstop Extensions

    Does anyone know if JK front bumpstop extension will fit on a JL? I got the ST1 from Teraflex and Rubicon take off springs on my Sport S to add extra height. All together I gained 2.5" front and 2.25" rear. I plan on putting 285/75R17 tires. From what I have read it should clear without...
  20. Having a manual sucks

    The high for the next two day is -13F here in Northern Indiana. I dont even want to know what the low is going to be. The only time I regret not getting a auto transmission. I paid for the cold weather package but remote start is not available in the manual Jeeps. Ugh.. Stay warm guys!