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  1. 12v cigarette hot wire remote turn on

    I'm assuming your using oem radio , most good quality line output converters have a remote output from signal sensing so no need to improvise. Modern amps also have a signal sensing turn on capability.
  2. Cigarette Lighter Removal Tool?

    Panel pops off incredibly easy, would be easier and less likely to break socket
  3. Alabama Warn Rubicon WInch

    Howdy neighbor! Line one or line two?
  4. Rough Country Front JL FORGED adj trackbar

    On level ground with wheels straight, Put a straight edge on the outside of your tire, top and bottom, then measure that point to fender edge, then adjust track bar until equal on both sides
  5. Inexpensive way to add power AND improve fuel economy! Nope!

    I disagree, I took the 120lb spare tire off this weekend and can feel a difference in driving, haven't done the mpg average yet but willing to bet makes a difference. Shedding weight is cheaper than finding performance.
  6. JLU shaking at highway speeds

    Yep, never done it with snow, but mud will certainly cause this.
  7. STUCK / FROZEN Pitman Arm / Drag Link Ball Joint

    I had hell getting mine off as well, finally got it with pickle fork and the trusty BFH tool.
  8. North Carolina Custom Fabricated Aluminum Basket for AEV Rear Tire Carrier Post $350

    Well done! Did you fabricat it yourself?
  9. 2018 JL Wrangler sport unlimited - Squeeking/Chirping

    I can't hear anything but the wind. Don't know what mods you have but I would get a can of wd40 and blast all the arms and stabilizer links. Check for grease fitting on lower arms if aftermarket and add. Check ball joints since 2018. Just a guess since I can't hear anything but cheap and easy...
  10. Thoughts on eTorque and water/snow?

    Water surge from hurricane was salt water, snow is fresh water. Big difference in conductive properties.
  11. Cleaning Mud off the engine by spraying water

    Wow!, this old post coming back around? Yeah I've burnt a many 10mm wrenches many a times. I don't think you understand the post. It's about what's conductive and what's not. Metal is conductive, fresh water is not, salt water is. Now for anyone interested go touch both terminals of your...
  12. Garages: Pictures and Help—

    When I get around to my retirement garage must haves are a full bar and 85" tv. My current garage has led lights with built in Bluetooth speakers, don't remember the brand but pretty cool. They also all link together
  13. White Knuckle Frame Mount Rock Sliders Exposed Pinch Seam

    Bushwacker trail armor door plates Look at these, they go all the way to the pinch weld.
  14. Show your DIY mods that made you feel like a genius.

    Molle panel made for pelican case lids can be repurposed for other things. I used on the sides of rear cargo rack made for 4 door in my 2 door. The panels release with latches for quick detachment.
  15. Power Seat Conversion on my JL rubicon It should have came this way from the factory

    Good pics, it's the airbag coupler swap that I was curious about. My old ass back is not 100% myself but I just think that is a better looking more comfortable seat.
  16. Power Seat Conversion on my JL rubicon It should have came this way from the factory

    Good work ! How about more pics and wire info when your done.
  17. Well.. a decision has to be made….

    Bringatrailer.com , it will get you paid well. I've tried to bid on a few and almost always goes far way over it's worth. A loaded Bronco could bring 80k
  18. Clicking when turning steering wheel at low speeds

    My 2 door does this as well, I've greased and shaken everything and don't know why. Only 25k miles. All seems well just hear the clicks when pulling into garage.
  19. New cast iron steering boxes adjustable?

    https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/79040002-steer-smarts-yeti-xd-sector-shaft-brace-w-frame-side-track-bar-reinforcement-bracket?gclid=CjwKCAjwwo-WBhAMEiwAV4dybYmup1_WR3_yJQSpdD0t-w32bNBG4yqxjI1QYMxok6wKtMGIK5-w1RoCX6oQAvD_BwE Should of been my first mod, huge difference.