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  1. Second time, battery dead if only by locking with handle button

    So just yesterday I locked my wrangler by only pressing the button on the exterior of my handle. This morning the vehicle is completely dead. This happened almost a year ago. Because it's a 4Xe, I just plugged it in and had not had an issue since last night. My suspicion is that this method is...
  2. JL Tazer screwed up and screwed me (a little)

    So I have always had an issue where the odometer would read all 9's. But only recently did the odometer reading stop displaying altogether. It was fine this morning and when I got to the dealership to trade in my wrangler, it would not display. After all this chaos, I left the dealership. I...
  3. Out with the 2drJL, in with the 4Xe

    Still waiting on delivery but I'm excited that i should be getting it sometime this month. It's the first special order vehicle I have ever bought. Sad to let my 2dr go but I've been waiting for years for Jeep to release a hybrid. New 4Xe will have the steel bumper group too.
  4. Steering gear is not adjustable (2dr, 2.0l)

    I know there is a lot of info out there including TSBs. However I am looking to see if anyone has had an issue where they cannot turn the adjuster on the aluminum steering gear ( not the lock nut). I have had people tell me to use a torch to heat it up but on the 2.0, there are a lot of...
  5. What is the best, from a bad experience, situation you have had when dealing with an aftermarket company?

    So I got rock sliders shipped from Metalcloak via FedEx. The 2 boxes were shipped out the same day. I got one box on Friday. So, Metalcloak is like 300 miles from my house. Some how in a drive down like 1 major freeway, FedEx was able to separate the two packages. I thought that maybe the guy...
  6. California OEM (MOPAR?) JL 2dr Side Steps

    For some reason, the person who ordered my RUBICON (previous owner) ordered it with the OEM Mopar style side steps. so, I'm selling them. $100. no negotiations. Ventura County Area. They come with all the hardware. (image is stock photo)
  7. So glad i bought another Wrangler... SO FAR

    So I had a 2011 JKU with the 3.8l. It had an oil consumption issue. Known issue. Ended up blowing up the bottom end at like 53,000 miles. At the same time I had a brand new Cherokee Trailhawk. The Cherokee ended up having massive transmission problems (which no there is a recall for) and a...
  8. California Sold: BFG 33" Take offs for sale

    Rubicon BFG 33" tires, take offs. 8,500 miles. $600 Ventura County area.
  9. Bought NOT Built

    So a few years ago I got rid of my 2011 JKU and had been without a Wrangler since 2015. So a few days ago I bought a slightly used 2018 2dr Rubicon. It's a really weird situation because the truck only had 4,300 miles on it. It was owned for 11 months then was sold at auction and has mostly sat...