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  1. South Dakota Sold: SOLD - Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/70r17C

    I have a set four of Nitto Ridge Grapplers 285/70r17 load range C for sale. They are in very nice condition, no curb rash, no repairs. They are currently at 11/32 in tread depth, new is 16/32. Looking for 500.00 for the set of four. I could assist in delivery within reason near Sioux Falls.
  2. Audio cutting in and out

    Had ours replaced over a year ago and have gone through our second winter with the new camera and it has not returned. My dealer replaced the head unit first and didn't do any good, I told them about the camera fix and it's been good since. I must have a good dealer.
  3. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    Yes, still running that lift, have about 12000 miles on the kit. Rides and drives great.
  4. South Dakota Sold: JKS Disconnects Jeep JL

    I pair of JKS Disconnects for 0" - 2" lift. Very nice condition. 70.00 shipped conus.
  5. Anyone Running Rancho RS9000XL

    I had the Rancho lift kit installed on our 2018 Moab about 4 months ago. Went with the 9000 shocks and the geometry correction brackets. It rides a little stiffer than stock but still a nice ride. The geometry brackets seem real nice, ours Moab always drove nice but I think it drives ever so...
  6. license plate relocation idea

    I just installed the Warn elite JL rear bumper. It includes a relocation to the area below the drivers side tail light like the JK. It re-uses the factory light but you do have to un-tape the wire harness to separate the light wires so they can be routed to the new location.
  7. Best components for Rancho lift?

    I just had the Rancho Kit installed on my '18 Moab and I had the Rancho geometry brackets installed. My Moab has always driven nice but I feel with the Rancho brackets its just a little bit nicer, its a very subtle difference but noticeable and super stable.
  8. Rough Country vs Skyjacker vs Rancho lifts

    Hey RanchoShocks, any idea when the spring promotions will start?
  9. Mopar 2” lift uninstall?

    Doug, Where did you end up on your teraflex spacer project? I have the exact situation, I installed the 2" sport from Rancho on my Moab and it is way higher than 2". I also am thinking about the stock springs with spacers and leaving the rest of the parts as is. I'm not sure if I should use...
  10. Best way to compensate for added weight on front end.

    Interestingly, my Moab is measuring 35.5 in the front and 37.25 in the rear. Not sure where that 1.5 inch Rubicon spring height went but either way it looks like I lost about an inch in the front. I'm hearing that lift kits typically have stiffer springs than the OEM so that is the direction...
  11. Best way to compensate for added weight on front end.

    That is good to know, I suppose the aftermarket realizes the extra weight most owners put on the front. It does seem the OEM springs must be on the light side. I will try correcting it with a nice 2.5 inch lift. Thanks
  12. Best way to compensate for added weight on front end.

    I don't know how much I lost because I wasn't smart enough to measure before and after. I think a lot of it has to do with the stock rake being increased and is really noticible behind the wheel.
  13. Best way to compensate for added weight on front end.

    New to the Jeep world and I recently added 80 lbs. to the bumper of my JL Moab from the installation of a Blue Ox tow plate and warn winch plate. I was surprised how much front suspension I lost due to the extra weight and I haven't even installed my 60 lb. winch yet. Is there a correct way to...
  14. Nitto Ridge Grapplers in Snow?

    We just finished a -15 below zero blizzard with 7.5 inches of snow and I am telling you that the Ridge Grappler works just fine. The KM2 OEM tires on my Moab weren't snow rated either and they worked just fine too. The advantage the 255 had was being better in deep snow do to the narrower width...
  15. Audio cutting in and out

    I was having the same problem with the audio cutting out also. Dealership performed a software update to hopefully fix it but it started happening again the next day. Because of this thread I asked my service advisor to look into the camera before replacing the radio. He did find reference to...