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  1. Headed to Breckenridge, Co. What trails are around there?

    Taking an extended weekend vacation in Breckenridge area. The Step son and his kids are going snowboarding, so looking for something for me to do while they are doing that. Not looking to go bolder bash or anything extreme (I have to drive the jeep home to texas), just looking for an out of...
  2. Texas Sold: Free springs, LCA and track bars

    All off 2019 Unlimited Rubicon hard top. Front and Rear trackbar. Picture cropped out one of the track bars. Stock LCAs Springs 3591aa 3660ac 3659ac 3590aa Pickup in Collin County.
  3. Texas Rubicon Wheels and Tires

    Set of 5 stock Rubicon wheels with 285/70r17 tires. Pick up in Collin county. Maybe 5k miles on them. Don't think the spare touched the ground until I took it off. $1000? Shoot me an offer.