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  1. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going!

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/34672/check-out-how-surprisingly-durable-this-chrysler-pentastar-v6-is-after-626000-miles Check Out How Surprisingly Durable This Chrysler Pentastar V6 Is After 626,000 Miles See how important maintenance really is. When you think of reliable engines, something...
  2. Bonefish interior cargo rack on two door.

    This is the four door cargo rack because us two door owners don't have near the options. I took the rear seat out the first week of ownership. I wanted a rack that came up to the back of the seats for easy access not at rear that all racks say they don't work with soft tops. Most would be...
  3. Badge earned today

    I ran quite a few trails this morning at Stoney Lonesome including 404 badge of honor trail.
  4. Talladega national forest.

    I rode the peak of the mountain all the way through the Talladega national forest yesterday. Trail ends in Cheaha state park which is the highest point in Alabama. Light trail but great views and only saw one other vehicle. It was a good day.
  5. Rock chips thrown from oversized tires? No problems.

    Bushwacker 14095 Trail Armor Sill & Rocker Panel Cover for 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL... $85.08 $85 . 08 Save 15% with coupon FREE Delivery Thu, Jul 25 Only 18 left in stock (more on the way) Super easy install if no Rubicon rock rail. If Rubicon rock rail, it must be removed for install and four...
  6. Anyone in need of large project?

    I'm at the beach for the holiday and I ran across some cool finds.
  7. Alabama Sold: Rubicon take off wheels and tires

    Five 2019 Rubicon take offs 2300 miles includes tpms sensors and lug nuts perfect condition, $1200. Located in northeast Alabama.
  8. First road trip

    Over three months and only 1000 miles it was time for a beach trip. Five day weekend for beach bars, seafood and sun.
  9. After getting your JL, what option do you regret not getting?

    I've had mine for a whole week and the only regret is not getting the proximity keyless entry. Since you don't need to touch the key to start, it almost feels like a hassle to reach for the fob for keyless entry . I know that sounds small but that damn fob is so big not having to touch it would...
  10. Ghost build

    Day one, got it home and programmed radio and familiarized myself to interior. Got home too late to get anything done.
  11. Wait is over

    Just got home and if only took 4 weeks to the day. Tomorrow starts the build. All the parts in the garage have a place to go now.