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  1. track bar question- trying to diagnose DW

    This is about the only way to test the ball joints and if you made it that far you might as well change them.
  2. Lateral Movement of Front Axle Caused by Worn Track Bar?

    I had what looks like to be the same issue. Here is another tip, run the same experiment but look closely at the trackbar where it mounts to the axle. On my JLUR, I noticed the trackbar sliding back and forth relative to the axle. It turns out the hole for the trackbar bolt was slotted out a bit...
  3. Inconsistent backlash measurements

    Ohh ok I see what your measuring now. Did you put a new pinion race in? Are you confident it's seated completely?
  4. Inconsistent backlash measurements

    I see, so just a new ring gear of the same gear ratio? What happened to the old one?
  5. 2024 Jeep Rubicon in Velocity yellow

    My mom just got one in that color, high velocity. The color is a lot cooler in person. I would only get it like the one you posted, with dark fenders and dark hard top, the extra contrast I think is cool.
  6. Inconsistent backlash measurements

    How are you going from tight to over .011", what size shim are you changing?
  7. Relocating and Upgrading Aux Battery?

    There isn’t really a fundamental problem with parallel batteries. If there was a good reason then they wouldn’t do it. The only slight disadvantage is that over the lifetime of the battery, the smaller battery will not get the amount of cycles as the larger battery, it will cycle more. This is...
  8. Why we load test and not just multimeter test

    Well done. As someone who has designed lead acid battery chargers and is very familiar with lead acid batteries, I would say your write up is pretty good. I would disagree with your statement " Well at 12 actually volts its on its last legs. " Let me explain. To be more precise, 12V open...
  9. Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement Antenna Mount

    I've thought about drilling and tapping the hole open so I could thread something in there to mount my antenna. It was just an idea, not sure if anyone has done something similar. But I don't have a radio or antenna yet so I really haven't looked into any real options.
  10. Any hams here?

    Are both radios set to CTCSS or is one of them set to DCS? That might explain why you cant open the repeater as you already checked the PL tones and frequency offset.
  11. Jeep Cares (no, they don't)

    I was in the same situation about 6 months ago at about 40k miles. Basically what Jeep wants is you to give up, and it kills me to say this but that's exactly what I did. It was unfathomable that even though I had an aftermarket Fox steering stabilizer that was only 3 months old, they still...
  12. What a joke no start cold weather

    You're complaining about the battery in the key fob, but you have a JLUR 4xE... I agree it's annoying, old analog keys still work in the cold but when we sign up for advanced technology, it comes with a tradeoff. All these batteries and wireless devices will fail, and with more and more of them...
  13. Battery and Charging System Help and Understanding

    I'm not sure exactly what your question asks, but all 12V Lead Acids, AGMs etc. are very similar in how you charge them. The only limiting factor is the maximum charging current which is based on the capacity of the battery.
  14. Low Voltage

    If you took a long drive and your battery never came up to a good voltage, then your main battery is very likely to be weak and should be replaced.
  15. How do I know if main battery or ESS battery is causing my issues?

    That warning light will not go off as it thinks your AUX battery is dead.
  16. Battery and Charging System Help and Understanding

    Newer vehicles will limit the charging voltage based on temperature, since Lead Acid batteries are sensitive to thermal runaway. You can 100% fully charge a battery by charging at 13.8V. The reason to go to higher charge voltages such as 14.4V, is to help condition the battery, this mode is also...
  17. Battery and Charging System Help and Understanding

    If the batteries were just replaced it could have been initially at a low state of charge, which could explain why you were seeing 12.6V most of the time. Lead acid batteries don't do well sitting on a shelf as they have a high self discharge current, and actually require a charge refresh or...
  18. Death Wobble - Help! (Solved)

    It's absolutely solvable, but like you pointed out at a cost and probably a very large cost. Higher flex and articulation is making what should be a simple part more complicated and expensive. We could go back to leaf springs in the front like the old YJs, terrible flex, super stiff ride but...
  19. Death Wobble - Help! (Solved)

    The angles of the geometry of the steering linkage etc. that it has to support in order to flex and articulate, reduces the amount of stiffness and overall strength that you could put into the design. It's a tradeoff in the end. If you want maximum travel, articulation you'll have to compromise...
  20. Death Wobble - Help! (Solved)

    Also, other vehicles do not even come close to the amount of travel and articulation these JLs have.