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  1. Manual Transmission 2024 Order Waiting Room

    More of a bronze. Looks good.
  2. 2024 Grab Handles

    I bet you’re a hoot to be around!
  3. Colorado 2023 Jeep Wrangler 392 XR (95K)

    Yep, emphasis on wanting. You’ll never get $95k for a two owner 392. And I’ve never understood the point of these threads. Are people really that lazy that they can’t jump on Cargurus, Autotrader, etc. to see market prices? It’s a pretty basic thing.
  4. $2k rebate until 6/3/24

    Alternatively you could buy from Anthony…
  5. Doors off mirror advice

    Diggin’ my Campsite Carbon mirrors!
  6. What Is This Box?

    Genius! I bet that’s why you get paid the big bucks. I can’t unsee this box. I’m going to figure out a way to get back to pre ‘24. I need to yell at the neighbor kids to get off my lawn first.
  7. What Is This Box?

    Wouldn’t it be on the passenger side too?
  8. What Is This Box?

    Wtf is the purpose of this? Dumb. Now it’s all I look at when I get in my Jeep. I can’t unsee this :swear:
  9. What Is This Box?

    I would but I’m scared it will void my warranty. I’m only 3 weeks into ownership. I did try pulling on the panel and couldn’t get it loose. I didn’t fiddle with it too long. I’ll try to give er another go later. Looks like there is something under there though!
  10. Kansas WTB Hydro Blue grill

    Thanks! I even checked over there and didn’t see it.
  11. New doors off mirrors installed

    That’s pretty cool. Looks like you got a Jeep to add to your mirrors.
  12. Kansas WTB Hydro Blue grill

  13. What Is This Box?

    My ‘24 Willys 2 door (does have Alpine) has it. Didn’t notice it, but now I do. Thanks a lot jerks.
  14. Expect a reduction of available model choices

    That’s precisely what it is…And it’s not just for those who can’t reach the Rubi, it’s also for those who don’t want to spend the extra money for a Rubi.
  15. Expect a reduction of available model choices

    This is a terrible business idea.
  16. 6.4L Hemi Swap w/ + Manual Transmission info gathering/ discussion thread

    I need this in my life. Guessing this costs as much if not more than my entire Jeep.
  17. Kansas WTB Hydro Blue grill

    It’s the gloss black grill.
  18. Kansas WTB Hydro Blue grill

    Looking for a hydro blue grill. Open to either old or new style. Not a fan of my ‘24 Willys grill.
  19. 21 jlur 4dr mopar lift wandering

    What’s your tire pressure?