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  1. Fire result of transmission failure

    Wow, I had no idea. You should file a case against FCA with your insurance company. They will get money from them for this massive failure, and hopefully when your insurance wins they will 1. Forgive the total loss and 2. Share some money with you. What an absolute shit show.
  2. Fire result of transmission failure

    DuramaxJack3d, I just read about the clutch recall. I hope you get compensation for your vehicle plus mods and emotional distress. It's BS and I'm about to @JeepCares I know there's only so much you can do, and we appreciate it very much, but I need to let FCA know that I don't have faith in...
  3. Wrangler Rubicon JLU 3.6 engine pre-detonation

    Hey man, I would recommend using at least 89 octane. If you can afford it, premium fuels will keep your engine running better longer. Shell and Sunoco have proprietary blends of premium octanes which help reduce carbon deposit on the top end of the motor. I know this because I've seen the inside...
  4. Wrangler Rubicon JLU 3.6 engine pre-detonation

    I may get hate for this, but I am honestly just looking out for ya'll. The compression ratio on the 3.6L is 11.3:1 Anything over 10:1 is considered high compression. FCA wanted to keep the annual fuel usage cost down on the monroney sticker, so they opted out of premium fuel requirements...
  5. Opinions on the manual transmission

    I can definitely tell the difference running 93 octane vs. 87. My engine pings running 87, from what I understand the computer can compensate by pulling timing to reduce the detonation, this affects performance. The 3.6L is a high compression motor and there's benefits to using higher octane...
  6. Fire result of transmission failure

    Duder, I'm gutted for you. It just looked like the front underside of your Jeep had some impact damage of sorts. Im not an expert, so anyone reading dont take my words to heart. That said I have a 2019 with a manual and I drive it hard. I'm definitely a lead foot, and I'm often smash through 2nd...
  7. Fire result of transmission failure

    Let me preface with this, that sucks man, I'm so sorry to hear.. Can you tell us a bit more about the events leading up to the fire? IMO, just going off pictures, no way FCA is paying to replace your jeep. There's evidence of a collision. The transmission housing doesn't just break like that...
  8. You paid what??? You got ripped!!!

    Duder, do it !! Manual's are fun, but you know this. Life is too important to be taken seriously. But seriously, have fun while you're alive !!
  9. You paid what??? You got ripped!!!

    LOL !! I dont get any weather alerts oddly enough. Sipping coffee and or bourbon (I'm a scotch man myself ) takes a bit of practice, but it can be done :) !!
  10. Dealer can’t fix a clicking noise after 3 visits

    This!!! 100% this! Almost worth it to pay a legit shop. Some of the best technicians out there work for themselves or mom n pop owned service stations
  11. You paid what??? You got ripped!!!

    2019 JLUR 68 miles on odometer when I bought it for 39,500 + 700 destination. It's got a 3 piece hard top, HID group, Manual transmission, all weather mats, metal door sills, wheel locks, and the 7.0 display with carPlay. Here's a pic I took today after I detailed it.
  12. Opinions on the manual transmission

    I saw that in the owners manual too. If you want your jeep to last long dont use cheap gas. FCA says 87 is ok so they could get the annual fuel costs to look good on paper. Sure the engine will run on 87 because the computer can compensate and adjust fuel and ignition timing. But I definitely...
  13. Opinions on the manual transmission

    I rarely go into 6th gear. If I do it's over 70 mph. I like running my engine between 2500-3000 RPMS. And I'll cruise in 4th on the highway. I have a 2019 JLUR with 11k mile . No issues that I know of. My gas mileage is 13 city and about 18-19 highway. I have a bit of a lead foot too. Also, use...
  14. Anyone renewing Jeep wave membership?

    I won't ever use the five free oil changes and tire rotations I have. Too bad I can't gift them to someone
  15. The 3.6L ESS works brilliantly with the manual

    Disabling was my only option. Not only did I find it annoying but I was worried the continued use of ESS would cause my starter motor to fail prematurely.
  16. Need help! What is this on my D44 front axle ??

    Good to know!! The frame welds match that on my D44, shoddy welds and lots of the rusty looking silica.
  17. Need help! What is this on my D44 front axle ??

    Thanks for the information. What would the dealership do to fix it? If its something I can do like putting JB weld in the gap and painting it black i'll do it. I'm a parts counterman for an Acura dealership. What I've seen over the years at our shop combined with what I'm hearing about how Jeep...