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  1. Let’s Talk Springs and Shocks for a minute

    No I had to go with the AEV shocks at the time. Added their high capacity springs when they came out. Great for carrying weight like Overlanding but rough when unloaded.
  2. Anyone Else Have Timing Cover Leak-UPDATED

    I have done timing cover leak and also oil cooler leak. Yours sounds like the oil cooler. Is your front drive shaft covered in oil and dirt?
  3. I have a new fuel pump!

    are you saying that you used google photo search for identification?
  4. I have a new fuel pump!

    It's been in every article I've read about cp4.2 pump recalls especially the RAM line of diesel trucks with same recall getting older version with less moving parts even though U.S. fuels are to blame. Also there is not a cp5 pump yet in the market. What else would Bosch use? Bosch has to pay...
  5. I have a new fuel pump!

    The current Bosch Cp4 pumps are being replaced by the previous Cp3 models (less moving parts). My dealer has not received their allotment due to the current UAW strike limiting deliveries.
  6. LOD bumper and LED fog adapters

    I remember my install and i spent a lot of time on my garage floor fiddling with nuts and bolts. I want to say I have an old build thread on my black JL 2.0 with LOD install. I didnt have LED fog lamps but I do recall using a closed end wrench with tape on one side to hold the nut in place while...
  7. LOD bumper and LED fog adapters

    Do you have these documents with your kit? Instructions
  8. Moving from 35's to 38's: Re-gear to 4.56’s?

    37's My first set of 37's I had factory 3.73 ratio. This second set is on 4.56. It's jumpy and accelerates well when I'm unloaded and commuting. I really strip it down and dont carry a spare. I do have the Ursa Minor top which adds around 150 pounds. I do have a tazer and the fuel economy is...
  9. Moving from 35's to 38's: Re-gear to 4.56’s?

    yes, it would cost a lot in fuel. A 4:88 is more of a crawler thing in my opinion. I have 4:56 and it's too much for the highway but just right on the mountains when i'm loaded down.
  10. Ugh ?Dreaded Safety Recall notice arrived HPFP

    Same! I don’t know what the life expectancy is for the Gen 3 but it should surely surpass the first two versions.
  11. Ugh ?Dreaded Safety Recall notice arrived HPFP

    I wouldnt say "all you can do" That's not entirely accurate. Anyone running diesel engines in the United States needs to use additive when filling up. These bosch cp4 pumps only have a 1% failure rate overseas. You could technically run additive and never replace this pump. Once you replace...
  12. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    I bought the last two jugs at my AAP store. They had to dig in the back for them. The sku was already replaced on the shelves. I paid around 40/each for them in Texas.
  13. Portable Air Compressor ?

    for sure. Viair VMS I got a few advance kits (I think theyre being released this week). Working on installs for a F250 with 42's, A Gladiator with 37's, and a GMC Sierra HD with stock all terrains. My JL already has a 485c gen2 dual compressor system.
  14. Portable Air Compressor ?

    I sell VIAIR and they're awesome. Just came out with a dual compressor kit that makes the ARB kit obsolete. ARB is a great kit for air lockers. That was the original intent.
  15. Black Bear CO July 4th weekend

    Probably still going to be closed first week of July unless there's an unexpected heat wave. They have good snow pack numbers this year.
  16. Ursa Minor Campertop quirks

    have you joined our facebook group? Lot's of help from owners and installers there.
  17. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    I did an oil change in SLC this year. I stopped at a couple of dealers. The 2nd dealer had the oil but only in 1qt bottles so it pushed the price over 300.00. I found they are not storing the correct spec in bulk like in Texas. My texas dealer is under 200 for the same oil change. I ran around...