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  1. 2 Jeeps Stuck In Deep Water

    https://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/a-chp-helicopter-rescued-2-people-from-a-creek-in-tehama-county/article_ed139bb6-045d-11ef-9249-6fe4267d7905.html This came across my Norcal news feed recently. Streams and creeks are at maximum flow because of recent snow melt. People need to think before...
  2. 24 Rubicon with 4.88, V6, auto, LT315/70 ?

    For anyone with a 2024 Ruby, V6, automatic, 4.88 gears and LT315/70R tires what kind of rpm are you seeing at 65 and 70 mph and how does the engine sound and feel with the 4.88 gears. Thanks in advance.