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  1. 2019 Jlu soft top replacement cost

    Brand new tops for $1000 or less on the socials and Craigslist. Occasionally they pop up here at reasonable prices too.
  2. 4xe Gladiator Hybrid PHEV will join Wrangler 4xe in Jeep lineup for 2025!

    I don’t feel like anyone cares. The future will turn from gladiators sitting on lots by the dozen with 15% off sticker to gladiator 4xe sitting on lots by the dozen with 30% off stickers. Good move jeep.
  3. I've not seen one of these

    I was thrown in the back of a 1988 ford ranger for hours long trips to the lake and back all my youth. Certain death. These people are running out of shit to write about. Pansies
  4. Dropped key fob, can't find it

    Mine has worked its way under the console between the seats in the past.
  5. Soft top install help

    Pics would help. The top isn’t meant to be taken apart.
  6. Stroller mount

    Yes. I put it behind the passenger seat tho. The front seat does have to about halfway up. It’s no off road stroller but perfect for everyday. My sweet big boy is about to outgrow it tho. We will throw a foldable and simple one in the back for him when he does. Place it on the floor in front...
  7. Stroller mount

    Doona. Seat is stroller. Stroller is seat. No base needed. you’re welcome.
  8. Toplift Pro Lifting Pad / Stability Question

    If I didn’t have wild ass little boys to worry about it falling on I would have been fine leaving it honestly.
  9. Toplift Pro Lifting Pad / Stability Question

    1. I push it as far in as I can. Hehe 2. yes. Sketchy as hell. Bounces and wobbles. Didn’t feel good about it so much that I built a rig and cinched the top up to the ceiling of my garage.
  10. Any NC shops that do work on CJs?

    I drive by them every day. Pineville. I will definitely stop in. Thank you.
  11. Any NC shops that do work on CJs?

    I’m in Charlotte but can travel. Just wondering if anyone knows of shops that do refurbishment or restoration on CJs? I have one incoming to relive my youth and want some help getting it to look just right. I can’t find CJ wheels anywhere
  12. North Carolina WTB - OEM Premium Black Soft Top for JLU

    Down by the coast but if this is a premium top it’s a massive deal https://myrtlebeach.craigslist.org/pts/d/murrells-inlet-jeep-wrangler-sahara/7723456198.html
  13. Door Carts- gowithoutdoors

    10/10. I let mine go with my half doors. I hate those fng things. Picked up a toplift pro and cart off cl. Looks great but you aren’t going to fold it up and take it anywhere that’s for sure.
  14. JL / JLU Rubicon MT by the numbers with color

    the jeep in that chinese spy video has the wrong wheels to be an XR.
  15. What would it take to get you to trade your Wrangler for a Bronco??

    There’s nothing they could do to the product. I’d have to be paid to switch at this point.
  16. 392 Manual 2 door in Wisconsin

    Good starting point. Put some wrangler seats in there and get rid of as much of the goofy srt and yellow…you’d be into something
  17. Soft top / Hard top same height?

    Soft top is taller. Not sure by how much.
  18. 5000 # Tow

    Nope... The v6 rubi without 35's is the only one to tow 3500, not 5000. The rest are 2000. I need more sleep.