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  1. Spare tire blocks hitch ball coupler

    Dry weight if I remember correctly is around 1700, with gear we are probably around 2200 or so.
  2. Spare tire blocks hitch ball coupler

    We have used a hitch extender to pull our little Bushwhacker trailer. We have roughly 1200 miles of towing with it so far. No issues. Have taken it on some semi maintained forest roads.
  3. Favorite Off-Road Photo - Post Yours ?

    Medicine Bow National Forest
  4. A Gladiator Mojave Caught My Eye Today.

    Had a Gladiator and enjoyed it, but never loved it. Went back to a 2 Door JLR. Much more fun to drive and less stressful offroad. Also takes up far less space everywhere I go.
  5. Let’s discuss the great new 2024 Willys

    Looks like the Willys will have at least an optional front trail cam. I don’t think that is a current option but I may be wrong
  6. My defroster cracked my windshield

    I have pretty much the same crack. Had some freezing rain, was running the defroster on high, backed out of the driveway and heard it crack.
  7. It's time of year again.. Jeep people post your snow pics! ☃️❄️

    Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming over Thanksgiving weekend.
  8. Lets see those 2drs OFFROAD (pictures zone)

    Medicine Bow National Forest
  9. It's The Beginning of A New Adventure!!! 2023 Willys Sport 2-Door Build Journal

    Awesome looking Wrangler. Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it offroad.
  10. 2 door 4" lift

    What mudflaps are those? Also great looking 2 door.
  11. Steering wheel radio stations presets

    I haven’t found a way but if you change the station one forward or back to one that isn’t a preset and then hit the preset button it will start back at the beginning of your presets.