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  1. Back Window Cracked Overnight

    Woke up this morning to a nice crack in my rear passenger window. 2021 JL Rubicon 2-Door, 20,000miles Seems to be from the inside of the glass, and appears to be in the area of the center bolt for my hardtop. I've never removed the hardtop, so everything is torqued as it came from the...
  2. Best Tube Doors for 2dr

    Starting to think about a few mods now that I got about 5k miles on my Jeep. Been thinking about getting some tube doors, preferably with mirrors because California is no fun. 1.) What tube doors are you running? 2.) How was install / adjustment?
  3. New to Offroading. Looking for good beginner trails in San Diego area

    I am a recent transplant to San Diego, and am new to offroading. I am looking for some good beginner trails to start with. So far, I have only done the Harrison Grade near Palomar. I have a few trails on my list: - Burns Canyon - Palomar Divide - Cleghorn Trail I have a stock JLR and am not...
  4. SoCal Custom Rubicon Order - HELP!

    So I've been creeping on this forum for about a year prepping for custom ordering my dream Rubicon. Well, that time has come - or so I thought. I have spent the better part of this weekend visiting every Jeep dealership in San Diego County looking for the best deal, and have come up...