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  1. JSCAN / ODBII & Pitch/Roll

    I am looking to fetch the live values for Pitch/Roll out of JSCAN; the goal being to annotate a map where the fun bits are by marrying an export of this data with a GPS log. Ultimately I'm thinking to pull transfer case (2H/4H/4L), locker setting, pitch/roll, sway bar, speed; possibly a few...
  2. Sound in dash 3 mins after parking JL

    I've noticed that a few minutes after parking and turning off my JL, I hear a sound in the dash that makes me think of some sort of vent or stopper actuating. Any idea what this could be?
  3. Garage door opener with ignition off

    Is there a way to activate the garage door opener with the ignition off? When the doors are closed I have to turn on the jeep in an enclosed room and then open the garage door, seems bad practice. Standalone openers manage to run for years on a single set of batteries so I wouldn't think it'd...
  4. JLUR and fold-down antenna stabilizer

    I'm looking to mount a fold-down 40in 2m/70cm antenna to my JLUR (to attach to my VX8DR and eventually a FTM400XDR). Unfortunately it won't fit upright in my garage, so one thought I had was to leave it in the fold-down position when not in use. I was thinking to mount it on the cowling such...
  5. 5-Bike rack w/stock hitch?

    I have a stock JLUR w/the factory hitch on the back. I've been looking around and am having a very hard time finding a compatible 5-bike rack (particularly without deleting the spare). Has anyone seen/used one, or is my only option to tow a small trailer?