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  1. 392 XR Stingray build

    I am going to do a build thread on my new 392. It is very much like my Black rubi build. Actually a lot of the parts are off it. This is the Jeep I guess I ordered 6 months ago. Long story but I am very happy I got what I wanted and no regrets. Here is a pic of it fresh off the truck and...
  2. Black Rubi XR build

    So I thought I would post a quick build on my 2021 Rubi. I have been getting a few questions on it so I thought I would post some pics and details. I bought this 2021 Rubi about six weeks ago. Here is a pic of me picking it up at dealer. Before someone asks, I got the XR for the gears...
  3. Mopar beadlocks unobtainable

    So like just about everything else out there, mopar beadlock rings are backordered everywhere with no eta. Anyone have a source? Aftermarket? Guess its a excuse to buy new wheels. Was hoping not to.