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  1. Latest owner survey

    Just read Consumer Reports survey of vehicle owner satisfaction. Jeep dealers are next to lowest. Jeep only beat out Kia dealers. Highest satisfaction by owners goes to indie mechanics. No surprises there.
  2. Wix oil filter WL10614

    I see Wix is selling an oil filter for the diesel. Has anyone tried one yet?
  3. Rear door panel protection

    I got these for the rear doors on my JL to protect them from my dog scratching them. Fit perfectly, snap on and off. https://thinskinz.com/collections/frontpage
  4. Wind noise in area of B pillar on hardtop

    Anyone figure out how to reduce or stop the wind noise Above the b pillar?
  5. Rear axle bearing shot?

    On a trip a couple of weeks ago to Joshua Tree Nat. park I noticed an annoying sort of thunking rattle in the rear of the Jeep. The other day I did a search for it. After about an hour and several trips up and down my dirt road with my wife in the back, I narrowed it down to the DS rear wheel...
  6. Navigation maps outdated

    I just got my 2022 Rubicon last week and was using the navigation map. I realized that it’s clearly outdated by several years. Can’t believe it’s that old. U Connect site has updates listed for only 2021 which I would assume I have.
  7. Shiny Tires from Dealer Rant

    Why do dealers think they have to put that shiny crap on new Jeeps or for that matter any new vehicle? I can’t stand that stuff. The first dirt road you hit and poof, the tires look 20 yrs old. That’s one of the first things I do when I get a new vehicle, wash off that crap.
  8. Is there or is there not a owners manual

    I have searched but cannot find whether there is a real written owners manual included in the new Wranglers. Some say they found one in their new Wranglers and then some say no??
  9. Receiver size

    i Ordered a JLURD with the tow package. Does this really come with a pissant 1 1/4“ receiver ?