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  1. Colorado Rubicon OEM 4dr Rock Rails from 2022 JLUR

    Free! Great condition with fasteners. Available for pickup only in Bailey, CO.
  2. Anyone know the specific part number for the front axle assembly on a 2022 JLUR Xtreme Recon 3.6 eTorque?

    Just now getting started with repairs to my vehicle after getting hit in July. It's been an ordeal getting to this point. The shop is ordering a new front axle assembly. They ordered P/N: 68595376AA. I'm not real confidence inspired by them yet and I'm trying to make sure that they ordered the...
  3. Well this was more exciting than we bargained for heading up Kenosha Pass

    My 6yo grandson is staying with us for the month and said he wanted to go on a "Jumpin-Jeep" ride. We figured we'd take him on a low-key 4wd trip (Mt Bross to see the bristlecone pines and Boreas pass to see the Breckenridge Troll). Heading up Kenosha Pass things suddenly got really exciting...
  4. TPMS tire location wrong after 5-tire rotation

    I just did my first oil change and 5-tire rotation on my new 2022 JLUR-XR today and noticed that one or more TPMS sensors are reading the wrong location. When I picked up the Jeep from the dealer in April, I noted that all of the tires were significantly over-inflated. I adjusted the inflation...