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  1. "Stop safely - vehicle will stop soon" followed by check engine light

    Hi all. Brand new 24 JL, 3.6, 2 door. 700 miles. Started it and the screen read "Stop safely - vehicle will stop soon". I shut the engine off....started it and that message was gone...and the engine light is now on. It runs completely fine. There are not techs at the shop on a Saturday....they...
  2. 2024 JL steering / suspension changes

    Thanks for this. Great information - much appreciated!
  3. 2024 JL steering / suspension changes

    Hi. Thanks for this information - much appreciated.
  4. 2024 JL steering / suspension changes

    Hi all. I just received my factory ordered JL 2-door Sport to replace my identical 2018. I can't believe how different it rides in terms of the steering being tight...no wandering...no shimmy and generally more heavy duty. Given the difference, I can't find anything online (or even the damn...
  5. Steering Stabilizer

    Hi everyone, I was one of the unfortunate ones who bought a 2018 JL (first year of the JL) which had the faulty steering stabilizer which went through several iterations before they finally made a version that stopped shimmy/death wobble. At that time, it was clear they were in the process of...
  6. 2024 JL aux gauges disappeared

    Hi all! Just received our 2024 JL Sport and the next day, 3 of the aux gauges on the large, centered display screen (oil temp, coolant temp, etc.) randomly disappeared from the offroad screen. I enabled wifi to see if there was a software update and there was not. Any ideas? I want my gauges...
  7. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Hi all. Ordered a 2-door, JL Sport in early Feb...VIN issued a week later...Build date Mid April (ie:now!). I'm in Canada and based on what I've found on this forum, there is no way to track progress other than through my dealer - is that correct? Thanks in advance! - Leighton
  8. 2024 Order Waiting Room

    Hi all, I ordered the first week of February, and my VIN was assigned a couple days later. However, there is still no scheduled build date. A what point should I get concerned and bug my dealer? Thanks!
  9. 2024 grille

    Hi all. As many of you know, when the 2024's first game out the new lower profile grille was only available on the Willy and higher trims. Well I was tipped when building a jeep online to see the picture for a Sport model had the new grille. I then searched several dealership websites and it...
  10. Tracking Canadian orders

    Hi all, Sorry - I tried searching for this information but couldn't find a confirmed answer. I know orders factory orders in Canada are more challenging to track because of (stupid) privacy laws, but is there a way to track a build other than through the dealer? Is there a website? Or will...
  11. Canada - Alberta 2024 new grille in Hydro Blue

    Hi all, I know some don't like the new 2024 lower profile grille - if you have one that's Hyrdo Blue please contact me as I'm looking for one. Thanks, -Leighton
  12. Question about steel vs alloy rims

    Hi everyone, I have a 2018 Sport JL with the standard black steel rims. I'm looking to upgrade to the factory alloy rims. I've read that they are lighter and obviously won't rust, but are there any other notable advantages to alloy rims in regard to reduced weight and better handling? Is...
  13. Has anybody noticed oil consumption between oil changes?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2018 JL with the 3.6. I have never noticed any oil consumption between oil changes except on this last one. I have 20K. I'm wondering if anybody has noticed oil consumption. On a side note, I've never owned a vehicle with such a "sensitive" dipstick. Manual says check on...
  14. Rattling upon acceleration

    Hi everyone. In my experience, I can pretty much 100 percent confirm that the pinging/rattle can be eliminated by the type of gas. Just to confirm - mine had the low rpm, ping/rattle around 1100 - 1400 RPM under acceleration / load. Here's where it gets interesting. I have always run (and I'm in...
  15. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Hi. Is anybody here from Canada and has received the rebate for an aftermarket steering stabilizer?
  16. Soft Top Window Won't Stay in C Channel

    I had this same problem. If you look at the c-channel on the window, the groove will likely be wider in some areas, hence why it pops out. I took it to my dealer. They took photos and sent them to the FCA, and the FCA then replaced the window panel on warranty.
  17. Bike rack help

    Hi there. Does anybody own this CCM rack or know if it would fit my two door 2018 JL ? Please see link below. Thanks. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/ccm-2-bike-hitch-platform-bike-carrier-0401190p.html#srp
  18. My journey to fixing the dreaded steering issue on '18 JLU

    Although no recall on track bar and toe in settings, does anybody have any insight as to whether we should be demanding that the dealer does install the new track bar and re-adjust toe settings? I have 13K miles - no wobble, wandering or play - but have orig toe settings and track bar....
  19. Death Wobble / Bump Steer / Steering Issues / Drifting - RESOLVED

    Thanks for the update. My situation is somewhat similar in that my stock two door JL. Luckily, I never had play in steering or wandering - only DW. Anyway, went through two failed factory steering stabilizers. I bit the bullet and installed the Teraflex Falcon steering stabilizer. 8K later - it...
  20. Dr deathwobble

    Thanks for the explanation. Good to hear it's fixed now. Regarding the STAR case, was it this one: Case # S1819000003