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  1. Trailer overlanding

    Camping + Jeep = ❤️
  2. Bestop trektop ultra window storage

    I just install mine too today and now I am wondering the same thing. Currently they are rolled up and laying in the cargo but this isn’t a permanent solution.
  3. TPMS Warning light on, but all sensors read pressure

    Mine started doing this same thing after a five tire rotation. This is my first Jeep and it’s amazing how many small things don’t work on these vehicles that I would take for granted on another truck. It all adds up to a lot. I guess I’ll just live with this light being on constantly. I also...
  4. JL Trektop

    Hey @BestopTeam what is the fix? I REALLY want to buy what looks like an awesome product but am not going to spend that kind of money after reading this thread without some more knowledge. Knowing what you have done to correct the flapping issue would go a long way toward helping ease doubts...
  5. Less than a week with my Rubicon

    Give the 67Designs phone mount a try. I went through about 5 mounts before finding this one. A little expensive but it’s super sturdy. The phone has never popped out, even while off roading. https://www.67d.com/products/jeep-jl-mount-driver-edition-pack
  6. What are the point of tube doors?

    Thanks for the feedback Jammer. I see them helping keep limbs inside the vehicle during a rollover. I hope to never experience one though I do some intermediate rock crawling. I prefer no doors while off-roading. I think everyone’s thoughts have convinced me to start looking into getting a set.
  7. Door wiring harness bent pins

    Nope. I after many terrible interactions I avoid the dealer at all costs. Thanks for the reference. @AllMoparParts.com any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Door wiring harness bent pins

    I put my doors back on after a trail run and found that some, but not all functions, were not working on the driver side door. I disconnected the harness and found several bent pins. I tried bending them back straight and that did fix a few functions like the door locks. But it looks like I’ll...
  9. What are the point of tube doors?

    How do they look?
  10. Bestop Sunrider + Roof Rack question

    Hey I have had this same question. Did you ever find and answer? Thanks!
  11. What are the point of tube doors?

    @silversgrfx!!!! You are awesome! I saw those on a Jeep during a trail run. The guy told me where he got them and then I forgot and have been looking for them ever since. I really like that design and the quality is great. My only question is how easily they mount/unmount. What are your...
  12. If you're going off-road, protect that front differential from damage/leaking!

    Thanks for the reply. I ended up doing exactly the same thing as you. I went on but not easily. I torqued the bolts down hard enough to bend the glide plate around the diff. It’s on there now!
  13. What are the point of tube doors?

    I live in Texas now, originally from Ohio, and it’s pretty much “anything goes” down here. You can still legally ride in the back of a pickup. Looking into a rear bumper delete because that’s also legal...
  14. What are the point of tube doors?

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess I just don't see them providing all that much added security in the event of a crash/roll-over. However, I don't want t test that theory!! Lol. They do look cool cool though. And good idea for mounting the side mirrors @MTKMAN. I tried the cheap door hinge...
  15. What are the point of tube doors?

    Pretty new to the jeep thing (and loving it). I really like the look of tube doors but I am failing to understand the benefit of them. How would they help versus just going doorless? Thanks team.
  16. Differential protection

    Spoke with @RanchoShocks today. Their system was down and couldn't tell me anything about the replacement that they said they were shipping, which clearly they did not. I have spent too many phone calls and wasted time on this. I am just going to throw this thing in the trash and look for...
  17. Differential protection

    They also told me they wanted it back for the engineers to look at. But I haven’t received a shipping label or anything. I’ll find out more on Monday and report back.
  18. Differential protection

    @RanchoShocks supposedly shipped me a replacement unit but I haven't received it yet. I need to call them to find out the shipping status since they also did not send me a tracking number. Once I eventually get a replacement I'll report back to the thread. What happened with the other person...
  19. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    That is odd. Thanks for taking the time to look that up. You would think it would be listed.
  20. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Any idea what the weight limit is for the mopar rack? I didn’t see it listed on their site.