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  1. Water Fording

    Deep water crossings are a gamble with a very expensive price tag if you lose. I’ve done one really deep water crossing in a my years of jeeping. The line I picked worked…the guy behind me was not so lucky. Never again.
  2. Prepared to Surrender My Man Card

    The auto is vastly superior to the manual. No need for OP to trade in his man card for making a smart decision. Perhaps there are some insecurities?🤔
  3. How bad is my death wobble?

    Were your tires “road force” balanced? That is very important.
  4. Considering purchasing a 2023 buyback.

    Another thing…even if it’s discounted as a lemon or a buyback, you’ll pay insurance and taxes as if it has a clear title.
  5. 2 Jeeps Stuck In Deep Water

    Can fix a Jeep but can’t fix stupid….
  6. Run time poll for 12v fridge and AGM battery

    If you’re worried about battery drain just purchase a Jackery and use that instead for power. I overland from time to time and use a Jackery 1,500 to power my fridge and other small kitchen appliances. You can even plug the Jackery into your Jeep as it allows charging and discharging concurrently.
  7. 2.0 noise

    Yep - sounds like embarrassing garbage on start up but quiets down after a few miles. Sounds like a turbo diesel when warmed up.
  8. Fire Engulfed JLU

    Oops…forgot to complete the leaky fuel line recall….
  9. Noise when accelerating on cold start..

    I think it’s the nature of this engine. I have the 2.0 and the thing sounds terrible for the first few miles of driving when cold. It’s quiet once warmed up. I purchased new and have 39,000 miles on my 2020 Rubicon.
  10. Overall build quality seem lacking

    While some owners are lucky with few problems, my JL has been plagued with more issues than other cars I’ve owned…except for a 2003 BMW. Candidly, as much as I enjoy the off road capabilities of my Jeep, I won’t buy another. Hinge corrosion was the final straw for me.
  11. I may have to take my Jeep to the dealership to check an engine noise, should I put on my stock intake and take off my cold air intake?

    Absolutely remove without delay…and don’t reinstall until you are out of warranty. Luckily you have the option to remove before your visit. If something more catastrophic were to occur while traveling on the highway…requiring a tow, you would not have the option to remove. I was just on...
  12. 2024 2.0 JL seems oil overfilled from the factory

    Follow the instructions for checking the oil. Warm up, then park on level ground, check after five minutes. Cold engine will always show overfilled even if it’s properly filled.
  13. Would you Buy this Used Wrangler?

    Run and don’t look back! That’s way serious, more than a little hinge corrosion. Who knows how many hoops you will need to jump through to get repairs accomplished and then the quality of the repairs may or may not be satisfactory. Unless you have a lot of extra time and energy to waste on...
  14. 2020 Willys Blown Motor

    To summarize; OP did not strictly follow required Mopar maintenance schedule, dealer provided lifetime warranty is therefore void, OP needs to pony up for new engine. End of story. Waste of money to engage an attorney.
  15. Who has taken their JL on a long road trip and what was your experience like?!

    Just keep your expectations realistic…the JL isn’t a BMW X5. Blows around in the wind, is noisy, a bit bumpy, and steers like the solid axle vehicle it is. I drive mine to Colorado a couple times a year (1,100 mile R/T). Fun in the trails, not so much on the long drive. Certainly tolerable...
  16. Which Engine to order for my Sahara 2.0L i4 turbo v 3.6L V6

    Well said…that X5 is a really nice drive….and (unless fully loaded) not that much more $$ than a fully specked Sahara.
  17. Hurricane High Output JL Spotted at EJS?

    Candidly I wouldn’t be surprised if Stellantis upgraded the electric motor and batteries in the 4xe, making it a bit more powerful and then call it good until the next generation Wrangler is released in a few years. The EPA is rapidly phasing out gasoline motors, a fact that will force...
  18. Which Engine to order for my Sahara 2.0L i4 turbo v 3.6L V6

    No need to repeat what others have said. One more positive for the turbo; high altitude performance is superior to the V6. The 2.0l however sounds like crap at cold idle.
  19. Coolant issues

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this continuing problem. Unfortunately in several past experiences Ive had with other vehicles, once a head gasket has been replaced it seems like repeat failures are likely. Not sure why, but I have experienced this several times in the past. If it were mine I...
  20. Stellantis just fired hundreds of engineers [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It would seem…but despite a pretty significant sales declines we’re not seeing much in the way of discounts yet (from the manufacturer). To your point, they have plenty of room to discount.