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  1. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    A little early, but many celebrate on Christmas Eve. What did Santa bring you?
  2. Which Color Should Return/Make An Appearance?

    If you could choose a color to return to the Wrangler, or a color from another Jeep product, what would it be? Mine would be: 1. Commando Green 2. Sunset Orange 3. Orange Crush 4. Gator
  3. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    As the thread states, what do you plan on buying, or what did you buy? What great deals did you find? Post them here!
  4. A-pillar 4 Pod Light Plug and Play Kit

    As the title of the thread states, I am looking for a 4 pod a-pillar set-up that is plug and play. I am not looking to cut, solder, heat shrink etc. Been there, done that multiple times already. Looking for a quick and easy install. Additionally, I'm not looking to spend an arm and a leg on...
  5. Jeepandtruckparts.com

    Has anyone purchased through this website? They appear to have great prices, however, I don't see much about them online. They have a few items I want to buy, but I do not want to get into a too good to be true scenario with my credit card company ?
  6. Tazer JL Cable and Unmarry Key

    I need to purchase the unmarry key for the Tazer to use on my new jeep (still linked to the 2020 I sold year or so ago). I believe I have to hook the tazer up to the computer to do this. Is there a way to do it without the computer as I have lost the cable? If not, what type of cable is needed...
  7. Affiliate Rewards Price Changes

    My jeep arrived and now the dealership is changing prices. They said invoice went up and won't honor original invoice and it also looks like they may not be taking 1% off. Can someone clarify is PP the actual Affiliate Price? I will attach original paperwork and new paperwork they sent. The...
  8. Jeep Wouldn't Move

    Today I had a weird experience. I pressed the gas and my jeep would not move. Stop start was enabled so the jeep was off but the key still showed the jeep was on. Pressing the gas did not re-engage the engine. I tried to turn the key to off but it would not work. I noticed that the D on the...
  9. Chicago Auto Show Gladiator Gets Stuck

    As the title says the Gladiator got stuck. It had to be towed off of the obstacle.
  10. WTB- Rear Bumper Wiring Harness

    I'm looking for the wiring harness that is included in the rear bumper. If you have one let me know.
  11. What did you buy this Labor Day?

    With all the sales going on I'm sure many shopped this weekend. What did you buy? What deals did you find? I didn't really need anything. I did order Fuel Zephyr wheels from Discount Tire a few weeks ago. When I ordered they price matched another vendor. The wheels happened to arrive Friday...
  12. What color 2020 JL did you order?

    For those of you that have ordered a 2020 JL, what color did you order? I went with Hellayella this time around.
  13. 2.0 Turbo and Larger Tires

    Is anyone running 37-40 inch tires with the 2.0 Turbo? If so, how does it drive? Is it sluggish? Does it perform well? Any issues? I know the 3.6 handles this well from personal experience but thinking about giving the 2.0 a shot with 38's.
  14. Which Wheel Option?

    We had nice weather yesterday so I installed the simulated beadlock rings. I had painted rings on Optimus Lime and liked it. However, I'm not so certain I like it on the Punk'n JLUR. See pictures below:
  15. True Tire Size Database

    If you have been dealing with Jeeps or Trucks for awhile you are aware that tires do not measure up to what is stated on the sidewall or manufactures specs. We have all seen newbies complain that their 35 measures 33. Sorry, but it is normal for a tire to compress with a few thousand pounds...
  16. Design Flaw

    I have a JLUR with soft top. The soft top has tracks/rails that run the length of the roof. The ending of the rails line up with the door gaps. If you open the door during or after a rain, the water funnels inside at a heavy pour. The above stinks, but it gets worse.... If it rains and gets...
  17. Wheel Stud Length

    Do the rear wheel studs stick out further than the front? I installed wheel spacers and the spacers clear the front stock studs but do not in the rear. The studs extend a couple threads past the spacer. I didn't think about it at the time, but now I am wondering if I recieved two different...
  18. Alignment numbers/results

    I installed a 3.5 inch lift and had it aligned. The front numbers look good but most the rear is off. I'm not an alignment pro so I am not certain how off it is/if it is an issue. It drives well and I feel no issue. Any alignment gurus have any insight on the attached numbers?
  19. Low Speed/Stopping Jeep Lurches

    I picked up my Jeep on Monday and have been experiencing an odd issue. At low speeds, usually while braking, the jeep will lurch forward/accelerate. At first I thought that I was hitting both pedals, I have since ruled that possibility out. While going a couple miles per hour, it almost feels...
  20. OEM Fog Light Fitment

    Has it been confirmed that OEM Rubicon halogen fog lights do not fit the carryover JK bumpers that fit on the JL? There seems to be different versions of fogs and conflicting info.