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  1. Great Dealer Service - You read that right

    Shout out to Normandin Jeep for their service this week - dreaded "Aux Switches Not Available ......." so they diagnosed the issue and replaced BOTH batteries under warranty - I am 3 weeks from expiration of 36 month -36k so timing couldn't have been better - and Jeep Wave oil/filter/rotation...
  2. One Positive Dealer Note

    it's easy to point out the bad - but I just want to send out a thanks to Normandin Jeep for excellent service - I really appreciate their customer service and wanted all to know not every dealer is out to get you -
  3. New Shoes and Rims - Mopar 17 x 8.5

    I went round and round on the great tire debate - since I daily drive mine and re-gearing was a cost I could do without - I am really happy with the ride/look/stance of the Mopar 8.5 rims - forgot to add - kept the 33s
  4. Do you have a Rhino-Rack Backbone with AAL Remote Bracket

    Does anyone have the AAL Bracket mounted with the Backbone? Would like to see fit pictures - I would like to get the Rhino system but want to verify it will be painless with my set-up - thanks
  5. NOW I can support JL Pricing

    I was sitting admiring my JL when I really started to examine the Shift Knob - now I know where all the design $$ went - look at that beautiful thing - the Range light shining and reflecting off it's magnificent knurled metallic body with coordinated Red detent lever and ergonomic handle - it's...
  6. If I saw this I would walk (run) away

    just noticed this on a window sticker A little profit taking quickly then lower the price again? I see that' it's back to $2000 on the Jeep build and cry website
  7. Just Cause it's Tuesday

    I am partial to the '97
  8. AEV 5100 pees (leaked) on my Garage Floor

    Ugh - I've never lost a Damper after only 2000 miles and leisurely trail rides - the little things that are such a pain - here we go to warranty hell - UPDATE - No hell - AEV warranty service outstanding - new shock received and installed it the other day - back to normal now..
  9. Spring Seats misaligned on Rear Axle

    So first it was the rear passenger side spring rubbing against the frame - so reinstalled rear springs (switching sides) and now the spring is rubbing the mounting plate - everything is installed correctly and torqued correctly - phone call to AEV, Teraflex and Rock Krawler this morning pretty...
  10. AEV Raises Prices at Least 10%

    Most if not all prices increased 10 % or more across the board - some companies like Quadratec have not reflected the price increase yet - shop around if you're interested -
  11. Mopar Light Mounting Bracket & KC Security Nut - Bad Combo

    Just went out to install the KC Security Nuts and it's a no-fit condition. The Security Nut diameter is too large and interferes with the Bracket - Just an FYI -
  12. One Aux Switch Left - Ummm??

    What do I use it for - Aux 1 is up for grabs - Aux 2 has Winch Solenoid, Aux 3 Pillar lights and Aux 4 Grille lights. Compressor on dedicated switch, Brawlee on dedicated switch.....there's gotta be something out there...
  13. Installed WARN Power Interrupt Kit - A few notes

    For peace of mind, I decided to install this. I read up on other installs, decided not to go direct to battery, and got some good ideas. First what do you get for $80-$100 depending on where you purchase it – you get this: I used my Aux Switch (simple hookup to Aux2) so didn’t use the switch...
  14. Rear Cargo Area Integration Completed

    Finally finished (ok probably not) the rear cargo area and I am completely satisfied. ARB storage drawer/roller top and side floors - Rear Mounted Power Accessory Panel - American Adventure Labs Tub mount with ARB twin compressor, Redarc 1225, Odyssey PC1100 - Renology 700W inverter - AAL Remote...
  15. California The Jeep Survey - Reflect how you feel

    I've always wondered why individuals buy from dealerships they have no support for. Reading some of these threads is like watching the movie Fargo - "you need the undercoating" - first tell Jeep exactly how you feel - I always laugh when the sales person says - and rate us all 10's...I only will...
  16. Installing Accessory Power Cord to Dash Rail

    I know this has quite a few posts, but until you actually do it - a few things I noticed. Make thru hole with radio out to avoid plastic ribs – and make hole with awl first then just twist the drill with your hand – the plastic is very thin and easy to work with. Use a vacuum to clean up plastic...
  17. Why are those pockets empty?

    why is it that Jeep does not fill in the 3 pockets towards the rear of the hardtop? Finally got to me so big thanks to Hotheads for seeing the obvious -
  18. Another Brawlee Install - OEM was the goal

    My goal was a simple on-off push button switch which looked like an OEM install. So made small cutout in plastic cover using a Dremel tool, routed thru existing wire route with a wire loom cover that matched. Then routed over and down to washer hookup and used the disconnect that comes with the...