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  1. Rumors re: 2025 Wrangler model

    Does appear to have a bit more gap between the front fender and the cowl. EDIT: maybe not... looks the same proportion as the 20th anniversary 4xe...
  2. 2024 Rubi steel bumpers now $0?

    “The price of the peanuts is in the beer.”
  3. $2k rebate until 6/3/24

    Not enough. Should be $5K rebate...
  4. J70 Wrangler design preview by Jeep Exterior Designer's sketch?

    These would be the perfect 2-door proportions.
  5. BF Goodrich KO2 vs KO3 ?

    This guy does a good job explaining the construction and tread differences… no driving impressions though…
  6. Jeep Resale. Not what it used to be.

    Wranglers are starting to pile up at one of my larger local dealers. Sadly, most 4xe. Appears MN is one of "those" states.
  7. Driving on snow and or ice on interstate roads

    You'd think so right? I live here (in MN) and people here drive like absolute maniacs. No matter the conditions. They're always "in a hurry" and MUST pass anyone in their way. It's f'ed up.
  8. Sold It

    Not worth the risk.
  9. Sold It

    You're not alone. I bailed on the corrosion thing before having to deal with it. Too many horror stories of dealing with crappy dealers not wanting to really help and/or make it super difficult. But I do miss my JL. Doubt it will be addressed before the 2028 redesign. Although I'm still...
  10. Dealership tire rotation

    I've had dealers lie to me about tire rotation one too many times. Now I don't even ask. I just use Discount Tire. Quicker and done right.
  11. Review - Goodyear Duratrac RT

    Only load range E available to you at time of purchase or at all?
  12. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Anyone think Jeep will truly fix this issue before the end of the JL platform or won’t bother until the JM/J70 platform? I’m thinking the latter and that Jeep will just hope that the 5 yr warranties expire. I hope I’m wrong as I’m looking at maybe getting back into a Jeep but not until they...
  13. Jeep is discontinuing manual

    Except the people complaining they can't shift their JL into 4 Lo (or even some complete newbs that can't shit to 4 Hi). ;) I'm with you... but it's another "when, not if" situation.
  14. Loan Payoff Title Question

    Yeah could be. I'm in MN and my lender was Capital One.
  15. Jeep is discontinuing manual

    On top of that, probably the last of the manual t-case lever too.
  16. Loan Payoff Title Question

    Usually you get a title with a lien on it shortly after you made your purchase. I had one. Just paid the Bronco off recently and took the lien release letter and original title with lien to DMV in order to get a lien-free title.
  17. Jeep is discontinuing manual

    They’ll just raise the price by that much.