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  1. Can I wire rock lights to interior WITHOUT using a relay or diode?

    What relay do you have? I am guessing it is not solid state? I installed one and tapped the interior light power as the "trigger" for the relay--I had zero issues. This relay is what I used: https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-ASH-25DD-3-32VDC-5-250VDC-Authorized/dp/B01M1RSU48
  2. 2.0 Catastrophic failure at 90k

    My vote for any of the engines in the JL is: But absolutely not a 3.6L.
  3. Dana Spicer Chrome Moly D44 Front Axle Shaft Project (Retaining The FAD)

    I checked and I don't think I ever recorded the OD, but it is much larger than the OEM shaft and no way will it fit into the bushing without machine work. It is designed to fit inside the inner shaft socket without the bushing.
  4. CavFab JL / JLU Elite Series HD Tire Carrier

    Same studs--plenty of thread. Both the LED and the LOD are fairly thin.
  5. Colorado re-gear shop recommendations?

    Not sure why you would do the bearings? There are a few other companies out there (I only have experience with GearFX), but Revolution appears to be the most economical at $100 per gear set. Northeast Coatings - https://www.northeastcoating.com/rem-isotropic/process Revolution Gear and Axle -...
  6. Jeep Wranglers best engine

    Agree to a point, BUT in all of the vehicles I have owned, and it has been a couple of dozen, the 3.6L is the only one, despite meticulous maintenance, that has had a cracked block/head. Stellantis would not know innovation if it bit them in the arse--certainly not innovation that results in a...
  7. Jeep Wranglers best engine

    Or just keep riding on the reputation of the past and with no ability to innovate. 11.0:1 compression with a ECU tune for 87 octane...what could have been a 330+HP engine is a 285HP dog. The 3.6L should have been retired in the Jeep lineup when the JL debuted IF Jeep was truly innovative.
  8. 2020 JLUS Diff and TC Fluid Change Cost..WTF

    What a load of bovine scatology. 5QTs of fluid and 2 hours of shop time = $1400?
  9. Jeep Wranglers best engine

    So at least 3 of us then. I was one despite meticulous maintenance and I know of another.
  10. Jeep Wranglers best engine

    4.0L hands down. I know of at least 2 people on this forum who have had a cracked head or block on a 3.6L and with its myriad of design issues, hard pass...
  11. Colorado re-gear shop recommendations?

    @kdiff - so here is the deal. @chevymitchell installed a set of Dana Spicer 5.13 gear that had been REM Isotropic polished in my 2019 JLUR and I drove from North Carolina (practically non-stop) to Colorado and only had to change the oil on the way. There were ZERO heat cycles to complete, and...
  12. Spark plug change on 3.6 penstar

    If it lasts that long :CWL:
  13. Spark plug change on 3.6 penstar

    In the photo that I posted the white clip is pushed up to its fullest extent (towards the center of the engine). Then put the thin screwdriver under the the black connector near the main coil and lift gently as you press the tab and wiggle the connector. It should come off.
  14. Baxter Performance Oil filter Adapter on Pentastar 3.6

    I bet if you put very light pressure at the top of the oil filter and push, the housing will shift which means you have to never "blink" when messing with it. Five bolts is just not enough support on a plastic housing and the more you add to the length, the worse the situation becomes. The...
  15. Brake Fluid Replacement

    Yeah, motorcycle brake systems are subjected to more water than automobiles so using DOT 3, 4, or 5.1 would mean you would have to change the fluid more often in a motorcycle because those fluids are hygroscopic (pulls water from the air) versus DOT 5.0 which is silicone based and repels water...
  16. Safe to use 5W-30?

    @RhinoJLU Rhinebeck is correct and I will add the "W" stands for Winter and not Weight (as commonly misunderstood and misstated). The number to the left of the W is the winter rating and indicates the performance in the winter or during cold temperatures. Hence, 0W-30 and 5W-30 have the same...
  17. Seized Jeep for sale

    Location = Florida. No drug runners there who could have a vehicle seized... 21K is current bid with no known anything other than it is a Sahara and is red.
  18. Baxter Performance Oil filter Adapter on Pentastar 3.6

    It makes for an AMAZING lever on a component that already suffers from "torque fatigue". The Baxter remote mount would be the way to go with the hoses anchored to prevent any stress on the oil housing.
  19. Big aux battery?

    Just reinforcing it ;)
  20. Big aux battery?

    It...has...everything...to...do...with...it. I have owned a number of vehicles with ESS and only the Jeep has/had issues.