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  1. Problem with Fuel Wheels

    My GF recently put fuel wheels on her JK and JL. The valve stems are coming out as we drive causing flats. Anybody had this issue? Its happend twice where the valve stem fell all the way into the tire, once 2 weeks ago and again yesterday. So yesterday I change the one tire with the...
  2. Dealer wants to test my windshield crack...is there such a thing?

    Windshield spontaneously cracked this winter in my garage during startup. Was about 25 degrees outside. Now the Dealer wants to test my windshield crack...is there such a thing? I think he called it a pip test but I am not positive on that.
  3. FCA being sued for Death Wobble

    Link https://amp.detroitnews.com/amp/1433767001 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles faces a class-action lawsuit over an alleged "death wobble" involving 2015-2018 Jeep Wranglers with a solid front axle that the suit says can cause the steering wheel to shake violently at highway speeds. The lawsuit...
  4. White edge on black hardtop after freedom top removal

    Anybody have any simple solutions for the white edge that is visible on the black hardtop after freedom panels are removed. Looks retarded on anything but white jeeps. I am half tempted to hit it with a black sharpie. Don't really feel like painting the whole interior of the hard top which...
  5. Quadratec bumper and LOD rails color match help

    I now this is a longshot but does anybody know If Quadratics powdercoat color matches the one used by LOD? I know that LOS and Poison Soider have a different sheen and texture. Basically I am thinking about Quadratec stubby bumper but don't know if it will match my old signature rails Also...
  6. Steering stabilizer upgraded part very limited availability

    So my 2019 jlu has had some steering issues...death wobble and wheel kick so now that there are some fixes from jeep I brought it in. I will know more on Friday when I get it back but they have Replaced the front trackbar with the updated one with stiffer bushings Replaced the steering...
  7. Sport s w rubi suspension and 35?

    Considering adding rubi suspension to my sport s and adding 35 inch tko will this work or is it going to rub
  8. Rear axel off center

    I have a near stock jl and noticed today that on flat ground my rear axle seems off center about a quarter inch toward the driver's side. Is this within spec. Thx
  9. Dash cluster light...what is it?

    So I noticed a little red indicator blinking as I was about to get in my JLUSS. It is at 5'oclock right next to the left signal indicator on the dash. Anybody know what this is indicating?
  10. Car wash with hard top?

    Any consensus on whether the jlu had top can handle a no touch automatic car wash without leaking. Never had an issue on my YJ or TJ but neither had this freedom tops
  11. Taser and throttle boost

    So I used to have a diablo trinity tune for my challenger that had a throttle boost adjustment. It ran via odb2. Any chance we could get a throddle boost function like pedal commander via the tazer?
  12. Lifespan of two straps and recovery straps

    Probably a stupid question but what is the lifespan of recovery and tow straps. Do they degrade due to heat in vehicles while in storage? Curious because I was just thinking that. My gear is now 20yrs old and stored in TJ the whole time
  13. My Replacement 2019 JLU Good Observations

    OK. So some of you might remember my 2018 JLUS was plagued with porous welds, incomplete welds and slag in addition to some other issues. So Friday, I picked up my 2019 JLUSS. In the first 200 miles we've put on it in a day (plus my shake down on Wednesday both my wife and I have noticed some...
  14. Frost Guard Review

    So as I was taking the kiddo around trick er treating on Halloween I noticed a few vehicles with something called Frost Guard over their windshields to prevent frost or snow accumulation over night. So when I got home i researched it a bit and decided to give it a try for my wife's TJ which...
  15. Sport S needs new tires

    OK...I've got a 2019 Sport S coming as a replacement for my 2018 sport. Can't stand the tires that come with it (feel awful and poor grip). Want a set of BFG AT TKO2 for it (been running them for years on my TJ) Will 33x12.5 (285) or 35x12.5 (315) fit stock? I'll likely be adding a lift...
  16. The Wrangler name

    Does anybody else dislike or hate the name wrangler? Ive had 4 of them now and have always hated the name. Reminds me of jeans. Honestly i wish they were just called jeep or willys in honor of the original.
  17. Lifts and caster

    So now that we know that jl is built without a caster adjustment bolt and that lack of caster is causing steering issues especially in models built with less caster like the rubi should adding caster adjustment bolt be part of standard lift install and included with lifts.

    Has anybody seen a review of The BSG 3.6 in the JLU? I could care less about the fuel economy. I am more interested if BSG with the 8 spd auto will offer noticebly more - hp - low end torque - reduce throttle lag And a feel that is more like a manual when decelerating. Any thoughts Also...
  19. Stupid grill question

    Which models have the chrome/grey accent on the grill slots like the sahara. Do the sport s or rubi have these?
  20. Master Issue TIP Thread

    As some of you know I had bad welds on my JLU sport. I've gone through 2.5 months of headaches with Jeep Cares, and Mike Manley's office, and even spoken to people at the plants. Today I finally made some headway and wanted to share with others who might have similar issues (welds, trackbar...