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  1. Trying to Wire AEV 7000 lights into JLU switches. AEV tech support no help

    I bought AEV 7000 series lights. I like them. It comes with a harness. It does not come with any wiring instructions - especially ones to connect to the aux switch package wires already in the Jeep. It does come with a wired switch that you have to fish thru the firewall and then drill/mount...
  2. Warn winch bait and switch

    Back in august I bought a warn zeon 10s from 4wheel parts. I searched for this model and seemingly got one of the few zeon 10s left anywhere in the US. when I bought it the box had been opened already but sales lady said it’s brand new take a look. It all looked fine- zeon 10s stickers on the...
  3. Now THAT’S customer service

    Two weeks ago I ordered @ThinSkinz rear door protectors bc I’ve got a lab puppy. Then Thinskinz announced they were coming out with new satin finish version. I really wanted the new version so I ordered them and figured I’d call to see if I could exchange the ones I already had. If not, guess I...
  4. What’s downside to 392 outside of cost and mpg

    I had a Ram Rebel with a Hemi. Power was great. Gotta 3.6L eTorque JL now. Aside from the crazy cost premium and reduced MPG of the 392, are there any other downsides to consider? I know speeding tickets is one - lol.
  5. Bronco Raptor edition = longer life cycle for 392 ??

    Ford teased today a Raptor version of the Bronco Coming out in 2022. I think this is good news. Not because I want a Bronco but because the 392 may get a longer model version shelf life. Some have speculated the 392 won’t be offered long. Don’t know if that’s true or not but maybe this helps...
  6. Which forum member has taught you the most?

    I love this forum because there’s so much practical experience here. @Rhinebeck01 and @wibornz have provided useful detailed advice based in reality so I always look forward to their posts. Orhers? I wanna keep learning more.
  7. Rubicon hood decals on a Sport

    I pulled up to long light and noticed another Rubi next to mine. In a matter of seconds I noticed: It had stock looking Rubicon decals on the hood. But his hood was the regular flat hood, then noticed his Jeep was slightly lower than mine which doesn’t have a lift, I then noticed front bumper...
  8. Is the alternator in 3.6L e-torque JLUR variable or fixed?

    I know the 3.6L eTorque does not have IBS (which are on non eTorque models). I’m wiring a Redarc battery charger for the AAL on board air system. The instructions have two input trigger options : option 1 standard which is fixed voltage or temperature compensating alternators. Option 2 is for...
  9. Anyone have experience with Ultimaterides Lift Shop in Chicagoland area

    Do they do good job? Their pricing seems reasonable.
  10. Does adding a snorkel negatively effect trade in later

    I’m thinking of adding either AEV or Mopar snorkel. That means cutting the hood. Will that be bad later for trade in? I know I could go down the RR route which doesn’t cut anything important but the RR snorkel covers up the fuse box and battery.
  11. Simple Wiring diagram for Warn Winch and Warn Power Interrupt Kit

    Advice needed. I'm trying to make sense of the Warn Power interrupt kit instructions. They only provide instructions for wiring to their external switch and NOT to the JL's Aux wiring. So I drew this up but would love someone smarter than me to take a look if this is right.
  12. My Uconnect keeps calling my ex wife

    Seriously, not kidding. Auto dials her. Phone is on 67 mount so it’s not a butt dial. I’ve turned the console off and on. I’ve turned the Jeep off and on. I’ve turned phone off and on too. It’s kinda funny but then again, not.
  13. Badge Glow Aux board Experience

    Anyone used this yet and if so, opinions?
  14. AEV rear bumper and parking sensor failure

    Got new AEV rear bumper and tire carrier (love it). Dealer did install. Now rear sensors trigger with nothing behind me in reverse. Dealer tried to fix it but couldn’t. We did learn it’s the spare tire because it works fine without the spare. Called AEV and they’ve not had this complaint...
  15. MPG improved after adding 35s - wait what?

    I fully expected my MPG to decrease after adding 35s (no lift). Had the dealer recalibrate for the larger tire and I i double checked MPH comparing Speedo and variety of independent sources and it all checked out. I improved 1.5 more per Gallon. I didn't change the route or way I drive or any...
  16. What's this?

    21 JLUR: I went to install the MORE Evap protection plate and this is "in the way" I had a 18 JLUR and this was not there because I put the MORE plate over my Evap. Its directly under the EVAP between the Exhaust and rear drive shaft. Took 2 pics of it.
  17. Am I missing Fuses?

    I went to check if all my fuses were seated properly (they were not) and I noticed that I'm missing fuses according to the diagram. Like K19, K05 and K06? 2021 JULR. Month old. So am I missing fuses? Does anyone who has a JLUR have these missing too?
  18. My Dog DEFINITELY prefers JEEP

    UPDATE: This wonderful 3 yr old pup lost a battle yesterday with a sudden nasty disease. He fought hard but we had to say goodbye because the toll is brutal and fast. I'll miss him for a lot of reasons but I'll miss my Jeep Dog buddy at my side. That paw print in my profile is his when he...
  19. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    I owned a 18 JLUR, then went to a truck, now back into a JLUR. Love it but I wish they'd fix some simple things and offer some things from Factory. Here's my top 10 from simple to more complex. 1. brighter LEDs in the interior. The lighting is terrible and an easy fix. $1-2 bucks maybe for...
  20. Ursa Minor Top for the JL

    I know some folks have ordered them last year but I've yet to see or hear about one delivered and in the wild. Anyone have one? For the JL. "Pics or it didn't happen." I know JK versions are out there. The UM website is old and hasn't been updated in quite some time.