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  1. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    numerous miles driven with oil at temp. No change Drive it until gas light came on - still staying in form and not letting me select electric only (yes it had a charge). then tried toggling between esave, electric, esave, hygrid, electric. No dice. filled up the gas tank to about 3/4 - soon...
  2. Money Factor & Residual Value needed for 4XE lease- Feb '24

    https://forums.edmunds.com/discussion/69703/jeep/wrangler/2024-jeep-wrangler-lease-deals-incentives-rebates-and-prices always my go to source for this type of info
  3. Final Edition 392 Tailgate Plaque

    might be time to update your profile pic
  4. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    switching to e-save didn’t fix it for me. Next will see what happens when the gas light comes on.
  5. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    Wow - a month - that doesn't seem normal? I'd prob have some complaints at that point. Mine is still in form, should hit low gas tomorrow but have been running it with oil at temp with no resolution. I'll see if the e-save trick will work.
  6. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    Yes - the sewing machine comment was somewhat sarcastic in comparison to just running on electric. What's not so funny, and I think the main point of this - buying a plug in hybrid that, for the last 5 days, won't actually run in electric mode. After having already taken it in for Jeep's...
  7. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    4xe so 2.0L, definitely sewing machine
  8. 4xe Electric Mode Temporarily Unavailable msg

    mine has been in form for the last 3 days all of a sudden. They had performed the service bulletin on it back in November. Did an oil change at the same time - life has dropped drastically since. Not too cold here - just in the 40s-50s. I prob just need to put some new gas in it to kick it out...
  9. Drivability in OR+

    11/21 XR - offroad+ turns off 4 cyl mode. Verified by the screen.
  10. Drivability in OR+

    I think it’s important that people are also referring to the screen on the dash to confirm whether it disables or not (not just the sound).
  11. Front ParkSense Retrofit

    @rhill2901 - wow that’s awesome! And gotta love this forum that this type of info is on here (and people are willing to spend the time to write it). do you have a separate thread on your build? I’m looking to add rear sensors to a Sahara 4xe and blind spot monitors so wanting to check how plug...
  12. What a joke no start cold weather

    Sounds like you discovered Jeeps new anti-theft device, for those who think it’s a good idea to leave your key in your Jeep overnight? (I’m sure you had it in the garage)
  13. October APR rates

    ive used delta community credit union a few times now:
  14. Droning..... Is actually the SUB reverbing (Update)

    Mine is a Dec 21 - and won’t kick into mds with off-road+ (at least it’s not showing up on the screen). Helps in figuring out what’s going on. Going to switch it back to see.
  15. Droning..... Is actually the SUB reverbing (Update)

    Not necessarily. Not going to deny the weird 4 cyl exhaust noise, but you can see if the 4 cyl has kicked in or not. im trying to solve for the same issue I believe ek1 is. i have a 21 that when I put in off-road+ will disable the 4 cyl mode. So I can see it’s not kicking in. I get a horrible...
  16. Buying Below MSRP

    @mjf4241 click the link in ratbert’s signature - all the info is in there for the different dealers which takes you to this thread : https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/ratberts-dealers-below-invoice-spreadsheet.95841/
  17. Anyone leased a 4XE and then almost immediately bought out?

    I’m pretty sure some of the credit unions will give you the new car rate for a current year or less than 12 month old vehicle
  18. Droning..... Is actually the SUB reverbing (Update)

    just before I go unplugging things, am I looking in the right spot (this is looking up, and behind the OBDII port) and is it #1 or #2. the adapter itself looks to have a lot less wires running through it so wanted to make sure @Monturbo
  19. Buying Below MSRP

    Looks like you’re in CA. A dealer cannot legally keep your deposit, so you can tell them you don’t want it and get that deposit back. as the others said - check out the thread that lists the dealers with below invoice pricing. For a number of years @RobTrachtman has been the best guy in CA to...